The Lazy Girl’s Guide To The Perfect First Date!

So you’ve met the dude of your dreams, Lazy Girl. He’s lazy, sarcastic, and has seen all 786 episodes of Dr. Who. Sounds perfect to me. There’s just one problem, now that you’ve snagged a date with him how are you going to win him over? You want the perfect date, but you don’t really feel like getting dressed, chewing with your mouth closed, having a meaningful conversation–you know, anything that involves real effort. How does a Lazy Girl have the perfect date, when all her energy was spent on getting the date? Simple. Here are 10 easy ways to win him over. For life!

What’s the worst advice you’ve gotten for a date? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatar Francesco says:

    Black women are very unique and, they are a very different breed of ladies. There are so many stereotypes associated with black girls and, you will find the women really exciting. The ladies can be discovered in all parts of the world and, the most popular black ladies are African Americans.

  2. avatar Emily says:

    Omg guys, you need to calm down and lighten up. Imo, I thought these were pretty funny and I actually believed the first tips, I was thinking, “Is this what guys ACTUALLY like?” xD But come on, you wouldn’t actually do these things. If you’re really that gullible, (and I’m extremely gullible) then you need to talk to someone or something (relax, just a joke). But if you really want gurl to pay attention to what you’re asking, why not try suggesting something instead of screaming at them that they need to fire someone. That’s really not that answer lmao. I guess for incredible gullible people, gurl could at least say “not real advice, lazy girl guide” or whatever, but it’s not like they need to shut down the website. So my point is, someone needs to throw a lamp at you guys or something. Geez, lighten up. (pun intended :D)

  3. avatar cpease says:

    Totally thought this was serious dating advice, lol

  4. avatar chloe says:

    any advice i’ve never had a bf because i love flirting more its so much fun but now i think iveriously fallen for a guy and dont know what to do i think hes single but were not really similar in interest and everytime hes near me i kind of getis exciting rush………help me plz guys i need advice

  5. avatar Cowboy Chasing says:

    “Pass some wind and light a candle, baby.” Hahahahah that made my night!

  6. avatar Julia says:

    I was totally convinced the first couple tips were real but then I was like, “wait, total sarcasm.” Made me laugh though! :D

  7. avatar DaynaMarie says:

    If you don’t like certain article series, you don’t have to read them. I love the Lazy Girl articles. :)

    Sadly, I actually know plenty of girls who would do this stuff.

  8. avatar Alana says:

    These really aren’t all that funny, and some confused girl might actually take it seriously. Maybe if they were more silly rather than just plain rude, it would be more interesting.

  9. avatar Isa says:


  10. avatar MISS CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    this is my 1st time reading 1 of these what if someone actually did this LOL

  11. avatar Jett says:

    I do not like these. I much rather have actually advice. Like cmon guys they arent even funny

  12. avatar TakeAlittleRide says:

    this is the worst,Its not even funny to joke about that .-.

  13. avatar Allison says:

    HA! That was hilarious! I’m sure many gurls would like some real advice, but I just love these lazy guides! Keep it comin’!

  14. avatar Megan says:

    I am actually getting so sick of these. Can we fire whoever is writing them please?

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