7 Ways To Look Good When You Feel Fug

We may not actually look all that fug, but sometimes we sure as hell feel it. Maybe you’re paying too much attention to the scale, maybe you’re not in love with that new hair cut or maybe you can feel a new zit about to ruin your life. In the end, we know it will all be no big deal, but feeling fug can be a huge bummer. Here’s how to shake that fugly feeling and get back to your regular fabulous self.

1. Wear your favorite outfit.

The one you always look good in. There’s nothing wrong with old reliable—that vintage, baby doll dress will show you that you look your best when you’re being YOU.

2. Two words: Giant. Sunglasses.

You’ll look like a celeb hiding from the paparazzi and no one will see that you’re a bit bummed out.

3. Dance.

It’s good for your health and your head. Go out with friends or shake your money-maker in your bedroom. You’ll feel as sexy and free as Beyonce.

4. A new lip color never hurts.

You’ll be surprised at the utter transformation there is between a bright red and a rose petal pink. (Really, it’s the difference between old Miley Cyrus and new Miley Cyrus—which is the difference between, va-va-voom and fierce.)

5. Change your hair.

Wear a giant bow like Blair Waldorf or Minnie Mouse. Get a big, floppy sunhat. Sometimes all you have to do is mix things up to make you feel like a whole new (little less fugly) person.

6. Go for a run.

A natural glow will have everyone wondering what’s your secret? Running, of course. Breaking a sweat will clear your head, loosen up your body, and bring out that warm dewy glow.

7. Smile!

Right, right, you have nothing to smile about—find something! Listen to your favorite 1D song or watch videos of cute kittens! Smiling will make you look 1,000 times better. We promise.

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  • basschick

    omg, today i am going to change my hair, go for a run, and smile!… and maybe wear one of my favorite outfits. 😉