Can Your Cell Phone Give You Cancer?!

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You don’t need to worry about cell phone radiation! | Source: Shutterstock

Ever since the amazing and talented singer Sheryl Crow claimed that she thinks her cell phone use caused her benign brain tumor, a lot of us have been panicking over cell phone radiation–especially because last May a study surfaced that suggest cell phone radiation could possibly, maybe, kinda sorta cause cancer. It wasn’t the best possible research–because cell phone technology changes so much and so often that a whole lot more research needed and still needs to be done.

It’s super scary to think that something we use so much every single day can potentially kill us–but thankfully, there’s nothing to worry about!

New research says there’s no need to freak (phew!), because the effects of cell phone radiation don’t include brain tumors–there’s really not even a link. How do researchers know? For one, brain tumors aren’t any more common now than they were before cell phones became the norm, and the only real proven effect of cell phone radiation is “a tiny rise in temperature.” For real, how relieved are you right now?

To get technical for a sec–cell phones emit a different type of energy than X-rays. Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, which doesn’t cause damage to your DNA like the ionizing radiation that X-rays cause. That DNA damage is what actually can be linked to cancer (which is why whenever you get an X-ray–even just at the dentist’s office–they cover you up).

Effects Of Cell Phone Radiation Sheryl Crow Tumor effect of cell phone cell phone cancer cell phone use 2

Sheryl Crow, we love your music–but you’re not an MD, so please stop scaring us with your cell phone use-brain tumor story. | Source: Shutterstock

The closest link to health issues caused by cell phone use–aside from the risks posed by talking or texting while driving (don’t do it!)–was an increase in sugar metabolism in the tissues on the side of peoples’ heads closest to where they held their phones. But even in those cases, the actual effects of that sugar metabolism boost haven’t been studied enough to conclude anything. We love Sheryl Crow and we think she’s an incredible singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and we think it’s totally rad that she beat breast cancer (you go girl!)–but she isn’t a doctor.

While we’re pretty convinced that there’s no real risk to cell phone use and cancer, if you’re still concerned about a link between the effects of cell phone radiation and your health, you have a few options: you can use a headset, snag a BlueTooth, or use speakerphone (obvs when you’re in private!) to keep your phone away from your head. Now stop using this as an excuse not to call your crush!

Do you think cell phone use or cell phone radiation cause brain tumors? Did Sheryl Crow’s brain tumor story scare you into not using your cell phone for a bit? What do you think are some effects of cell phone use that need to be studied further? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Cassidy

    Lol, I believe it. The people I know who use their cell phone a lot seem to be a bit less on the bright side than those without/rarely used phones.