I Can’t Believe He Said That

I have an ex who is very in touch with me. I don’t respond much, but I do sometimes. I don’t want to be rude. Recently though, he’s be pretty obviously trying to make me jealous and get me back. It’s not working at all, mostly because I’m not a jealous person, but also because he’s doing it in a really weird way.

First, he sent me a text with details on meeting up for a first date and then quickly wrote “Whoops! Wrong person. Sorry!” He has an iPhone. So, it’s almost impossible to misfire a text. And I wasn’t jealous at all. Going out on an awkward first date with a stranger is nothing I’d EVER be jealous about. I think first dates are the worst.

Then, he sent something really weird. He wrote me yesterday saying:

I lost a bet and had to ask a girl at the beach to cover my back with ranch dressing instead of sunscreen. She totally did it. What do you think?

Um, WTF? A stranger covering you in ranch dressing on a hot, sandy beach? Literally, I can think of nothing grosser. Not only did that not make me jealous, it made me wonder why I ever dated him in the first place. Gross. Gross. Gross.

Ever tried to get an ex back? Or had one try to make you jealous? Did the jealousy attempts ever completely backfire? Tell us in the comments!


5 Reasons Taking A Relationship Break Never Works…none of the reasons involve ranch dressing though!

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  • Amber

    My ex boyfriend is now going out with my friend. I don’t like either of them much anymore. Whenever he hugs her he stares at me right in the eyes. And she purposely told my whole group of friends that I bit a guy on the lip when I was kissing him! The ugly cow!!!

    • Aj

      Don’t let it get to you

    • AJ

      The same thing is happening to me sort of. My best guy friend has a crush on one of my old friends, but she’s really mean to me, so I don’t sit with her anymore.

      It’s unfair because they have a crush on eachother and I’ve known him way longer than she has, three and a bit years to be precise. I don’t want them to ‘go out’ because it would make things awkward for me. But I want my guy friend to be happy.

      Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Please help me!!


  • skye

    this isnt really a ex making my jealous but my boyfriend….my friends, boyfriend, and i were hanging out and i scooted closer to him then he put his arm around me and i cuddled into him when he started talking i wasnt really listening then i heard him say damn i sooo many girls numbers in my phone, girls give me there numbers alot! and i was really offended becuase i am his girlfriend and it was right in front of me….. and immediately my friends started yelling at him…eventually he said sorry

  • kay

    wtf is wrong with your ex how can u make some one jealous like that?

  • Parker1994

    That just awkward. :S like seriously who would say that to win someone back? Oh I can’t get that out of me head… Awkward.

  • Janice

    Jajajajaja!! I can’t believe I’m reading such a story!! Jajajaja!! I think your ex has gotten quite mad…