Body Image Hero: Demi Lovato Lashes Out At Gossip Rag Over Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors!

ate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Demi Lovato Twitter Body Image

Body image heroine Demi Lovato called out a gossip rag on Twitter. Atta girl! | Source: WENN

You go, Demi Lovato! Demi’s been an outspoken advocate for a healthy body image since she first entered treatment for bulimia, self-harm and bi-polar disorder, and she’s always ready to stand up for what she believes in. A while ago she threw shade at Disney for including eating disorder jokes in its tween programming, and now she’s calling out gossip rags for spreading Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors.

“So apparently Kate Middleton (William?) is pregnant because of THIS picture… Are you KIDDING ME?!!” she tweeted after the magazine Star published a photo of Kate Middleton, whose waist is almost impossibly teeny-weeny-tiny, looking just teeny-tiny. Seriously, you can see the photo here–how in Harry Styles’ name can that be construed as “pregnant?” Come on, people!

Demi made sure to hold Star accountable, then writing, “And people wonder why girls/guys have body image issues.. Whether she is or not, she still has a beautiful body. Shame on you Star magazine.” Bam! Amen, Demi!

The amount of scrutiny all celebs go through can tarnish even the most confident girl’s body image, but Kate Middleton has it even worse than many others, because everyone is so obsessed with her potentially birthing a royal heir that she can’t fasten a sash too tightly or munch on anything salty without being pegged as pregnant with the next Prince of Wales. It’s incredibly damaging and scary, because not only does Kate have to deal with the body image issues that come with being in the spotlight, but what if she actually was pregnant and lost the baby? Or what if she was trying and couldn’t conceive? That isn’t anything anyone wants thrown in her own face, let alone plastered on newsstands for the entire world to see.

What’s more, Kate Middleton had to deal with people complaining on her wedding day that she was too thin. The woman can’t win–and neither can we if people keep buying into this crap.

ate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Demi Lovato Twitter Body Image

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have been a big deal ever since she got hitched to Prince William. Lay off the woman! | Source: WENN

Men don’t have to deal as much with living under a microscope because they can’t bear children. And that’s not their fault. But the fact that we just happened to be born with two X-chromosomes shouldn’t make us susceptible to pregnancy rumors, either. You never hear someone going, “Oh, look at the bags under Liam Hemsworth’s eyes–he looks stressed out. Is he going to be a father soon?!”

Just like pitting successful women against each other, claiming that someone is pregnant whenever she’s photographed at an imperfect angle is, whether these tabloid writers believe or know it or not, a form a sexism, because it’s a form of demeaning women exclusively and preying on our insecurities. It’s damaging not only to the subject of the article, but also to everyone who glances at it–because it’s like, “Whoa. If Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors spawned from a picture like that, does that mean the whole world thinks I’m the next Octomom?”

The solution? You can call out these fools on FB or Twitter like Demi Lovato did, and you can voice your opinion with your purse: Don’t buy into them and don’t buy them!

Do you think magazines encourage poor body image? Do you think Demi Lovato was right in calling out Star for spreading Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Robert

    Hey Demi! I just wanted you to know how much you have iepsirnd me, i have struggled with many of your problems and I’m still struggling with one major one now: a broken heart. You get me through everyday when I listen to your songs. And you’re INCREDIBLY talented in both singing and songwriting and so beautiful! You know that many girls would kill to look like you- you’re beautiful the way you are demi- don’t think otherwise!! And I’m a singer as well and I write my own music now which is iepsirnd by your songs I love you! and I hope to meet you some day.

  • A person

    I think that Demi is completely right. In fact, magazines used to always make their models look skinnier by photo shopping the pics. Now that it is illegal it is happening less but is still happening none the less. I think that our society should be more about loving your body, most of the world does… just sayin’

  • Cathy

    People should ignor comments on body weight. Just this summer, I suffer from acid reflux disease, which I have been suffering for years. I lost 10 pounds in one month. My stomach was is so much pain, I did not want to eat. It hurts more that giving birth to children. People cannot help it how much they weigh. Let fat people be fat and skinny people be skinny. Do not judge people by their appearances. I sure do not. And I am way too skinny even gaining back some of the weight I lost. Now I am 5’2″. 94 lbs. And for the people who do judge others by appearances, shame on you.

  • bunny

    Oh yeah…right on Demi Lovato! You Rock!

  • bunny

    I think the whole entertainment industry is to blame for body image issues. With their stick like, twiggy models; fashion designers need to size only women up to a size 4 in their clothes; photo shop is a major blame too, because everyone uses it to advertise their clothes/products; tv/movie making industry for objectifying what it is that makes a beautiful body by telling actors/actresses they are too fat for roles; the magazine industries for allowing models that size. It’s no wonder we have image issues. And then the fast food problem in this nation….dont even get me started on that! Showing skinny-ass gorg women making/eating Carls Jr burgers. Come on!

  • DanceChick414

    Yes! I totally agree with this! Something like this annoyed me over the summer in a magazine, if not this one, another much like it. It showed Blake lively in a bathing suit with Ryan Reynolds at a family barbeque. The bathing suit covered her stomach, and in the picture she had her hand over it. The caption said “could they be pregnant?”. What annoyed me was that no, just because we are not showing our stomach and we are touching it does not mean we are pregnant! Maybe she had an upset stomach, or she was on her period and having cramps. There are other reasons for touching your stomach, people.