What You’re Really Thinking At The Homecoming Dance

There are very few things I miss about high school…but Homecoming is one of them! I can still vividly remember the excitement of waiting for my date to pick me up, the agony of seeing someone else with Homecoming Queen and of course the few little fibs we tell when it comes to the big dance. Check out these little things I was really thinking at the Homecoming dance, and see if you relate!








When Your BFF Gets Asked in an Over-the-Top Way


She said: Awww Chloeeeee! That’s SO sweet. Can’t wait to see how my date will ask me!








She meant: I AM ALIVE WITH JEALOUSY. And it really doesn’t matter how my dude asks me because no matter what I’m going to add balloons, fireworks, sky writers and an appearance by Ryan Gosling to the story.







Discussing an Updo With Your Hair Stylist


She said: I brought these pics of Blake Lively from her premieres…something like this–easy but chic. Anything but the typical “mall hair” look.








She meant: God help you if you give me tendrils, bitch.






Finding Your Frenemy’s Stupid Homecoming Pintrest Board


She said: Follow















What You Tell the Sales Lady at Macy’s You’re Looking For in a Dress


She said: Umm, something chic but sassy. Maybe, like, purple or hunter green?








She meant: Is there a “Render Your Date Speechless With Your Hotness” category? Or perhaps a “Watch Your Nemesis Grind Her Teeth All Night Because Her Date Likes You Better” section?






Hearing Other Girls Talk About Their Dresses


She said: Oh peplum, huh? Yeah that’ll be very, uh, on-trend.











She meant: Um, not even Scarlett can pull this off totally perfectly. Please just stick to something that’s flattering–this isn’t the Met Costume Gala.







When Your Crush Asks Someone Else


She said: Pfft NBD who cares. I’m, like, totally psyched to take my time and choose someone really worthy.










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/”>Source: Shutterstock


She meant: Like my cousin Arnold? Because now that my crush is off the market that’s just about my other option. NBD? Try FML.










When Your Favorite Slow Song Comes On and You Spy Your Crush Walking Towards You But Your Friends Won’t Leave


She said: Hey Jules, Kristy, I see your dates looking for you. Just, yep, right over there. Better go get them! Right now!









She said: GET THE EFF AWAY FROM ME!! My crush is never going to ask me to dance if I’m in a girl cluster!









What do you love most about the Homecoming dance? What’s your favorite Homecoming moment of all time? Will this year be your first Homecoming or your last one? Tell us everything in the comments!

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  • Hana

    OMG I agree with you in so many ways AHAHAHA
    Last year i went to my high school’s homecoming dance with a group of friends(I did get asked…but they were total creepers. WHY DO CREEPERS LIKE ME?!) and after about an hour i got really tired(im not the type to go to dances…but it was my first hs dance so i couldn’t really no go..my parents were nagging me to go)..and then when i was talking to a guy i hadnt seen in a long time, this random guy-who later became my almost boyfriend until his best friend got jealous-side hugged me and asked me to dance. I didnt mind too much since he was a cutie XD And when we were dancing(awkward dancing since neither of us reallygo to dances) my friend made him give me a rose LOL. Outer me:….lol/ inner me: ………..uh this is embarrassing….
    then we were slow dancing and a bunch of my friends were pointing and aww-ing and taking pics
    inner me: GO GET A LIFE
    outer me: *blushinggggg*
    but yep. my first homecoming/first dance/first date/first everything happened that night and i’ll never forget it. Even if im trying to forget HIM. >_<

  • Sophie