10 Missed Connections: A Case Of The Ex

If you don’t know already, Missed Connections is a section on Craigslist dedicated to romance. Someone may see a person they’re attracted to on the subway and write anonymously, “Girl with the gorgeous blue eyes. I think I saw a spark between us.” It’s really a place for hopeless romantics to send their wishes into the universe. I’ve never heard of anyone actually meeting each other. It’s totally cute and charming, but mostly useless for finding love.

What’s weirder is that some people use Missed Connections, not to connect with a passing stranger, but to air out dirty laundry between them and their ex. I bet it’s a bit therapeutic to vent, even if that certain someone will never see it. I mean, even if they did, they still wouldn’t know you’re talking about them. After finding some of the weirder outbursts, I think some of these folks need to chill out. So here’s how NOT to get over your break up, courtesy Missed Connections.

Karma Chameleon

Liars lie and criers cry!

The Worst Person EVER!

I will put a hex on your genitals! All I need is some eye of newt!

Can We Turn Back Time?

I was a big old butthole, but can you just ignore that for a second and date me again? Rope burn? WTF?!

Gone Forever

Put this one in a glass bottle and toss it in the ocean, kiddo. It's way more poetic that way.

That Kid Is Dead

Is this where Taylor Swift tests her latest song lyrics?


She's just not that into you.

The Best Policy!

I am honest with you, be honest with me, honesty is the best policy. You know what my favorite brand of iced tea is? HONEST!

I Will Hunt You Down

This guy better come up with a full LIST of good excuses.

The Concerned Friend

This is when they reply, "You're right! It's NONE of YOUR business!"


It's 2012, girl, life isn't a fairytale and certainly not a comic book, you don't need saving. Get with the program, women can save themselves now.

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