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Stop being jealous

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Feeling jealous stinks. Unfortunately, it also happens to all of us. Whether you’re jealous of that girl your crush is flirting with, your sister who has the coolest clothes ever or that girl with the “perfect” hair, one thing’s for sure: you probably wish that envious feeling would just go away.

When we saw this post in the message boards about a girl who’s feeling super jealous of her best friend, we knew we had to post it ourselves. Who hasn’t been there?! It’s totally normal to feel jealous of your BFF every once in a while. So how do you get rid of the green-eyed monster? Check out what these girls had to say and then give her some advice in the comments.

guuuurlpowaaa said:
I feel as if my best friend is so much prettier than I am… and I’m getting kind of jealous about it. I just don’t know what to do because I don’t want to ruin our friendship over my own jealousy. Please help.

boomtiing_ox said:
Don’t be jealous. There will always be people more attractive than you and less attractive; that’s just the way life is. As long as you have a great personality you’ll be fine.

KatieCavy said:
I don’t know how close you are with your friend, but if you are truly best friends and have a good friendship, don’t let something so simple ruin it for you! We all get jealous feelings sometimes, but ruining a friendship isn’t worth it. You have to feel more confident about yourself. I mean, if you’re really insecure, just make a list of things you like about yourself. Don’t be too upset about looks. Listen to your advice in your signature! “Be who you are, you’re beautiful!’ Also, don’t forget that although it’s hard to control outer beauty, you have the choice to define your true beauty by your personality. Be proud of yourself!

I’m going to have to echo what these girls said: don’t let jealousy ruin your relationship with your best friend. I know how difficult it can be to stop feeling envious of a friend. Your BFF might have some qualities that you don’t, but that doesn’t mean she’s any better or prettier than you.

Here’s where I get kind of corny: every person is different, and everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Looks aren’t everything, I promise you. The next time you’re feeling super jealous, think about the things you love about yourself. It’s not about comparing yourself to your BFF or getting into some kind of weird competition in your head. It’s about paying attention to the great things about you and building your own self-esteem.

What’s your advice for getting over jealousy? Have you ever felt jealous of your best friend? Who do you always feel jealous of? Tell us in the comments!


How to stop being the jealous girlfriend

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  • amiradamiana

    So im jealous of my bestfreind , She has the life i want she prettier than me and has a nice awkward shaped body , she gets all the popular guys theyre always staring at her like i try to tlk to the them and they dont notice me..i wish they new the real her she does stuff she knows she not aloud to i dont want to ruin our relationship but its gonna happen soon bc shes changed and stabs me in the back i feel terrible i cant do nothing to make popular ppl notice me i really need help

    Kik me if you can help me @amirdamiana7

  • Dudette

    I’m jealous of my friend because she gets to do stuff i don’t and everybody likes her better.i just got glasses and i can’t see without them.but i look hotter withot them.i have two boys going for me but i don’t know if they’ll give up on said he actually likes me.the thing is one of them likes my friend too.he is hot.but not i’m going for the one who has a good personality.i used to have a boyfriend but he moved away.what should i do

  • tay tau

    Look don’t mean any thing what matter is getting yourself together for the future. Sure she might have the looks but her home life could be really bad



  • TenMcCoy

    Sometimes, I always feel like my bff is prettier than me & i asked myself, “What do she have that i dont? or “How come she gets the cute boys and i get the less attractive and ugly ones?

  • TenMcCoy

    I had this one crush. He was cute, funny, fun to talk to and everything. I had the biggest crush on him. I known him since 6th grade. My bff said that she doesnt like him. After a while, when my bff was about to sit with me on the bus, she sat with my crush. They started talking, laughing and everything. One day, he asked my bff to go to homecoming with her and she said yes. They are now bf & gf. I was jealous for a long time. I was even crying and everything because I had a crush on him first way before she ever had a crush on him. I really didnt even talked to her either afterwards.

    • stillsearching

      i know your feelings. used to have the same experience 🙁

    • rachel

      Yeah my boyfriend says he feels as though my bestfriend has a crush on him. Not gonna lie, she used to have a major crush on him but they never talked and she got over him. They started getting really close all of a sudden and i feel really jealous because she’s so much prettier than me! She’s really flirtious to guys as well.

  • miled-99

    I feel jalous . because whenever we talks to boys they are like always looking at her because she’s prettier than me and i can’t stand it

  • Me

    Basically In The Past 3 Years My Bff Has Been With My Enemies Like A Frenemie
    She’s Been Really Rude In The Past. And Whenever I Tell Her Who I Likee She Flirts With That Person! Please Help, I Dont Wanna Ruin Our FriendShip. But Im Jealous The Way She Flirts With My Crush!! HELPP

    • Me

      I Feel Dizzy These Days I Cant Get Over It. 🙁 I Kinda Like Her Crush Tooo. Help!

    • Happy

      Hey. Regarding how ur bff is having a frenemy relationship with ur enemy, i cant say much cos i do rly unds the situation. But to me, ur bff has the rights to make any fren she wan and if she chooses to do so, u can only advise her but not get upset over it. And to me, if ahe’s rly ur bff, she wont flirt with de guys u like. So, make sure she rly do sincerely treats u as her bff.

  • Muse

    I’m stuck in this situation now too. I’m already 16 but there was never a guy who fell for me. My best friend, however has about 15 guys who likes her. How miserable it is for me. My self-esteem just get lower and lower. I really want to be BFF with her but all these just make me realise that I start to despise her. I started comparing all my aspects of life with her. Whenever she wins, I will have a feeling of dislike towards her. Whenever I win, I will be really happy. But I now that it’s a fact that she’s prettier. I hate walking with her cos I know all de guys will be looking at her. I’m afraid that all de guys that I think is cute will like her. I just think that she can gets anything that I wan and it’s so unfair. How can life be like tis? Sometimes, I Really cant stand it. I think that she don’t deserves what she gets. I even wish thatshe’ll be ugly But I know that in my heart, I still treat her as someone dear. How? Can anyone help me? Both of us are not popular in school and are kinda low-profile but she still have a few seniors who likes her. Recently, the most popular guy in our schol even asked or her no. I was so devastated that I cried and quarrelled with her and even want to end our friendship. Anyone out there can help me?

  • briana

    Prettiness means absolutely nothing sometimes. i will admit this because its true. i am the most attractive one in my group of friends yet i can be shy sometimes. All my friends are great, they like to talk and can be seriuosly funny even tho they dont had killer looks. They are just comfortable with themselves and Im not. So they have a lot of other friends and they practicly talk to everyone at our school while hardly know anyone. everyone goes up to them and gives them attention while im left standing there like a loser even tho i have the better looks. So ther i am jelous, wishing i could have their personality even if it meant i had to be way less attractive

    • Zaria

      Everyone is beautiful in their own, unique different ways even if it may seem weird to you. You shouldn’t be jealous over them, because we are all beautiful individuals. Don’t feel jealous over them because you are a beautiful person, but you’re just looking for the attention to be on you and it doesn’t work that way. You have to let someone else get attention too, Briana.