10 Insane Stock Photos That Could Make Anyone Smile

Magazines and websites use stock images all the time to show things like “a girl smiling” or “a cute guy at the beach.” But some of the stock images out there make you wonder just who they thought would use them . . . and for WHAT!

Well, thankfully, the weirdest stock images out there DO have an amazing purpose—they can make just about anybody giggle. Check out these 10 ridiculous stock photos. We dare you not to crack a smile!

Think YOU’RE Socially Awkward?

These People REALLY Like Poutine

That Dog Has Clearly Already Eaten Two Pies And A Cake

She Has . . . An Electric Carrot Up Her Nose.

What I’m Most Afraid Of When I Have To Pee

Self Breast Exams Save Lives.

You Know How Sometimes A Crocodile bites Your Face And You’re Like “Eh, What Can You Do?”

Just A Casual Night Out With Friends. NBD.

He Really Thinks His Poster Board Is A Guitar

Your Spirit Animal

Which do you think is the funniest stock photo? What’s the funniest picture you’ve ever seen? Tell us about it in the comments!

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