My First Car Crash–It Was So Scary!

car crash and traffic accidents are scary

At least I wasn’t driving . . . OY! | Source: Shutterstock

It was a dark and rainy night (I know, it sounds like something out of a cheesy horror movie, but it’s true!). I’d been visiting my boyfriend at his college, and he was driving me to the airport to catch my flight home.

The storm had knocked out a lot of the street lights, so all the lights at traffic signals were flashing red. My boyfriend hadn’t been driving for all that long, and he’d never seen those flashing red lights, I guess, so he wasn’t sure what to do. All I remember was that he hesitated before getting into the intersection, and then kind of gunned it to get across . . . but obviously not fast enough.

CRASH! A car coming from the other direction slammed into the back door on my boyfriend’s side of the car, and it felt like we moved about 50 feet sideways before someone else ran into the back of our car. Because of the heavy rain, it was hard to even see what was happening out of the windows.

I was in total shock and just started bawling right then and there. The car still ran just fine (thank goodness), so we were able to pull over into a gas station, and nobody was hurt, but I’d just never been in that situation before.

All I could think of was that I could have died. That my boyfriend could have died. That something beyond my comprehension could have just happened. It took us a long time to sort out everything with the insurance, and it was clear I was going to miss my flight.

I called my mom in hysterics. “Mom,” I said, “Don’t go to pick me up from the airport–I’m so sorry, but I missed my flight.” I was worried she would be so pissed at me for missing my plane (the tickets weren’t cheap!), but to my total surprise, she just wanted me to calm down, stop crying, and deal with the situation like a grownup. She was just happy we were okay and even offered to help book my flight for the next morning!

That night put a lot of things in perspective, and made me really try to stay calm and be the kind of person who can take charge in an emergency situation. I’m still not the best in a scary situation, but I’m a ton better now at taking a deep breath and figuring out what I can do to help.

Have you ever been in a scary car crash? Would you have been just as scared to call your mom as I was? Tell me in the comments!

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