What Are My Odds Of Getting An STD From My Partner?

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If my partner has an STD, do my chances of getting it increase with the amount of times we hook up, or are the odds the same as hooking up once?

ChickRx Expert Amy Levine, MA, CSE, Sex Coach and Founder of Ignite Your Pleasure says…

Think of it this way: Every sexual encounter is a risk of STD transmission if you or your partner is infected. So, yes, the more you hook up, the more risk you have of contracting something icky. But, that’s not to say that if you just hook up once you have less risk necessarily. You’re just as likely to get an STD from an infected partner the first time you hook up as your are the 51st time you hook up. Get what I’m saying?

The best bet for staying STD free if you know your partner is infected is to avoid sexual contact until he or she is in the clear. Obviously the window of transmission varies for each type of STD, (and some diseases are chronic and are always able to be transmitted!) so be sure you’re well informed. If you’re going to go against my advice and do the deed anyway, please, please, please use a latex condom. You’re smart enough to know that condoms can reduce your risk for STDs transmitted through fluid and skin-to-skin contact. Just realize that a latex condom can only protect what it covers and acts as a barrier between. Exposed skin is still an STD target. And if you’re going for oral, using a condom/dental dam for oral sex is sexually smart. And Gurl readers are sexual smarties!

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