8 Totally Free Ways To Cheer Up Your BFF

You’d do just about anything for your BFF, which is why we know you want to cheer her up when she’s down. Whether she’s bummed over lousy grades, a bad haircut, or some stupid dude, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Emergency Happy Making. Here are eight awesome ways to turn her frown upside down (that won’t cost you a dime!).

Lend her your favorite handbag

Most BFFs aren’t lucky enough to be able to share clothes, but handbags are one size fits all, and she’ll be STOKED that you were willing to part with your fave accessory for even a couple of days.


Make her a mix

She’s probably wallowing in dreary emo tunes, so why not make her a mix of all the happiest, most fun songs you two have loved over the years? It’ll remind her of the good times AND of what an awesome friend you are.


Take her to the dog park

You might not have the means to actually buy her a puppy (besides, that’s rarely ever a good idea!) but an afternoon gawking at the cutest pups in the park is sure to make anybody feel better!


Stick a love note in her locker

No, don’t pretend to be her crush or something lame like that—just write her a note from your heart about how much she means to you. Make sure to point out some of her best qualities, and cover it in stickers. She’ll LOVE it!


Invite her over for a movie marathon

Crank up the Netflix, make some microwave popcorn, and go! Once you’re on your third (or fourth) Ryan Gosling movie she’ll be ready for The Muppets, and once Kermit’s on the screen, well, you know everything will be okay.


Ask for her help

I know this one sounds nutso—like, why should she want to help me when she’s bummed out—but hear me out. If you ask for help with something she’s GREAT at, she’ll be flattered and it’ll distract her from whatever’s wrong.


Bust out your best animal impersonations

Seriously. She’s bummed out? Pretend you’re a monkey. Or a cat. Or basically any animal that you could make a funny impersonation of. Yes, it seems silly, but she just might need her own personal clown right now.


Play her favorite game

Sure, she always beats you (by a billion points) at Scrabble, and that’s why you swore you’d never play with her again . . . but she loves it. Suck it up and get those letter tiles going. You know how happy she gets when she wins!


How would you cheer up your BFF if she was majorly bummed out? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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  • emotionless#

    im really bad at cheering my friends up no matter how much i try.. and i really do care! so gonna try this and c wat happens 😛 🙂

  • ZoZo

    You should make a list like this of gifts you can give to friends that are inexpensive and meaningful. Or for boyfriends.