Confession: I Skipped School (A Lot!)

Most kids skip school every once and a while, which is usually fine. I skipped school A LOT. In New York City there are about 180 days in a school year. My senior year, I am pretty sure I only made about 90 of those days.

I wasn’t a bad student at all. From as early as kindergarten I remember every single classroom I had being divided into two groups: “The Smart Kids” and “The Bad Kids”. Once you were marked, it seemed like a mark for life. It was carried with you even when you graduated onto the next school. I was one of the “smarties” which meant that teachers listened to me when I spoke, they trusted me, they gave me extra help, and great recommendations because they believed that I was going to go somewhere. Anyone who was labelled “bad” was essentially ignored, forgotten, and nothing was expected of them. It was so completely obvious to me how screwed up the system was that I became pretty indifferent to it.

I decided to give up on the school system. Still, school was always easy for me.

Once I knew the teachers trusted me and that all I had to do was hand in my assignments, I stopped going. I’d be absent for weeks at a time and still manage to get As. I actually graduated eighth in my class and I went to school HALF the time. Yeah, I put in the work, but I didn’t put in any effort. I shouldn’t have been able to get by so easily. Why didn’t anyone call my parents when I decided to take a two-week vacation?

Even though I got away with it, I’m not encouraging anyone to skip school as much as I did. The truth is you miss out on a lot. A lot of social stuff. You miss out on making memories. You miss out on inside jokes. You miss out on the teachers you actually do like. I barely remember my senior year, which could have very well been epic. I didn’t go to my senior trip, which I hear actually WAS epic.

I thought that by avoiding school I was avoiding all of the negative things about it. The people I didn’t like, the teachers who were just bad, the repetitive classwork–I just couldn’t stand any of it by junior year. The truth is though, I was inadvertently avoiding all of the things I really liked, like Debate Club which basically fell a part because I was supposed to be the group leader. I was genuinely devastated to see it slowly dissolve into nonexistence.

I missed out on passing notes with my friends, all the fun electives you take after you have your core credits (yoga!), bake sales, senior week–all the fun things you get to do when you’re a senior and you rule the school. I’ll just never have those memories.

Even though some of it can feel like CRAP, school is important. It gives you life experience and if you’re lucky you’ll get a decent education. Though drama may be annoying and the information may not seem useful, trust me, you’ll regret it if you never show up.

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  • Pukii

    I am a senior right now.. and lately i have been skipping school just as you said you did, execpt my problem i that i cant stand school anymore.. I have always been a great student too, had huge goals and dreams but now they seem to have vanished into the air. I am also working night shifts at a restaurant which is making me really tired too and taking away my desire to go to school. But i am managing to have an average grade in all my classes so i can graduate and be free…

    • Acgurl

      Oh my goodness! I’m on the same boat you were! I’ve already been accepted into the college that I want, and I’m so ready to get out. I’ve never been a bad student… in fact, I’ve always had straight A’s and never skipped school until this year. Now I’m getting 70’s a lot, and I’ve been skipping school way too much. The scary thing is that I don’t know how to stop being so lazy. Where did this even come from? I used to be so motivated.

  • Ab

    I did too, especially during the 8th and 9th grade. All my other friend goes to other school. I made a friend too, but we don’t talks much because we don’t have much in common. I only know that we are friend. It’s meaningless anyway. The teacher giving out tons of homework and telling me to participate in class. Even though I’m born in U.S.A I still cannot pronounce some word right. I could hear the girl behind me laughing about it. I know they are not bad people. I don’t hold grudge. Maybe it’s because I cannot speak out. I can’t tells whether that’s a good thing or not. I just don’t want to be…insulted…or maybe its because I’m too sensitive? Uh,…sensitive me, huh? This word always make me sarcastic. I skip on big day. I’m not a smart student either. (As you may notice grammar error here.) I struggled through the project, and homework. It’s not that I don’t listen to the teacher. I take notes. Very good one in fact. But I just don’t get it. Maybe I don’t get life itself. Ah, the silent drama queen here, I admitted. But it’s somehow the truth – too true.

    This year, I makes friend. I present. Actually, I feel more comfortable in front of the class the longer I am there. I imagined everyone as carrot and lettuce – as my Chinese teacher tell me to. I even gave a guy who make fun of me a dead-glare in front of everybody else! They laugh of course. But I relaxed, I’m getting a bit too comfortable, then, I don’t want to be too comfortable either. So far this year, everything is going smoothly. I makes lots of new friend. My next silent goal is to be-friend with guy. And let’s just hope I don’t go all…boy on them, lol

  • g

    I also skipped a lot on my sixth grade, cause i lost all of my friends because of one jelous ”friend”, that spread a roumor that im spreading roumors about others(wich i wasnt). Id tell my mom im having head aches and stuff like that, cause shool for me was a living hell back then.

  • Alicia

    I did this too. Sixth grade through first semester sophomore year. And I only stopped because I got called into court, the first date being two days after my fifteenth birthday. I almost went to juvie, and was in court for just over a year before my case was dismissed. But I start ditching and being late again, the judge even said if I just start failing too many of my classes, I’ll get called in again. So now I’m forty credits behind my class and I go to an alternative school for credit recovery with gang members and druggies. I haven’t seen my friends since last semester because kids at my school aren’t allowed on the other high school campus.
    But I go to school now.