Amy Poehler and Will Arnett Are Getting Divorced; I Have Lost My Faith In Love

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After nine years of what I’m sure was an awesomely hysterical marriage, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are separating. And I am losing my faith in love. If two good-looking, funny and all-around seemingly nice people who have incredibly adorable kids can’t make it work, then who can? Because I just don’t know anymore.

If you’re not very familiar with Amy and Will, you should be. Amy is one of the funniest lady celebs ever. She’s a Saturday Night Live alum and she currently stars in her show Parks and Recreation, among other things. Will is probably most recognizable from being in the shows Up All Night and 30 Rock. More importantly, they have two sons named Archie and Abel who are so cute I want to steal them and make them my own children. When I heard from my Twitter feed last night that they were ending things, a tear came to my eye. I’m not even embarrassed to admit it.

Why am I so depressed over the separation of a marriage of two people I’ve never met before in my life? Because they just seemed like they had SUCH a great marriage. I know, I know, I have no clue what was going on behind the scenes. But they just seemed like they had it all going for them. They’re both super funny, they both seem so laid-back and easy-going, and from paparazzi pictures, they just looked like they got along. They were perfect for each other! Plus, they never shoved their relationship in our faces and neither of them are super famous (like Angelina Jolie level), so I just thought that this was one of those celebrity marriages that would actually work.

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My heart really can’t take much more of these celebrity divorces. It’s like I get myself totally invested in these star-studded marriages, then they fall apart, and I pretty much feel like my favorite aunt and uncle are getting a divorce. Maybe that sounds dramatic, but… don’t judge me. It was shocking enough to hear about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Heidi Klum and Seal, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. These were couples I truly thought loved each other, no matter how ridiculous that sounds. I was even a little sad when I heard that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were splitting, even though it was obvious from the beginning that it was going to happen.

If Amy and Will can’t stay together, then really, who can? What’s next, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith? David and Victoria Beckham? Iman and David Bowie? I mean, come on people! I can’t keep seeing adorable pictures of you together online, only to find out a few weeks later that everything was a lie. I just can’t. Adorable celebrity couples, please make it work. Otherwise I just might lose my faith in love altogether.

Are you upset about Amy and Will divorcing? Which celeb couple do you hope stays together? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Annie

    Youngest son looks like a mini Louie CK. Just saying!

  • Zhane

    What do celebrities have to do with your potential relationships and marriage? Hollywood is NOT the real world and though I’m sure they can be just as down to Earth people as anyone else, it’s not the same. Marriages fail because of infidelity, financial stress, lack of communication, etc. True, more than half of all marriages end in divorce. However, I think that has more to do with the fact that no one wants to work through a relationship once it becomes too difficult. Or they jumped in way before they were ready. What it really comes down to is whether you and your special someone are willing to make it work. But what do I know I’m only eighteen and don’t have a thought of marriage in my head.

  • Nia

    Maybe you should try to pay more attention to the relationships the surround you in your real life to find hope. Celebrities are just people too, but I’m sure there is at least one couple that you personally know or kinda know that have made things work and are still making things work. Don’t lose the faith. Love still conquers.