Julian Castro’s Daughter Carina Victoria Is (Hair) Flippin’ Awesome!

carina victoria

The hair that launched a thousand GIFs! | Source

Unless you’ve been asleep for the past couple days, you know that the Democratic National Convention is going on right now. And if you’ve been asleep, well, good morning and welcome to some pretty inspiring speeches! Last night was especially fun to watch, not only for the usual reasons people enjoy it (the speeches, the mudslinging, Michelle Obama’s rad dress and great public speaking skills), but because of a new Internet sensation.

The keynote speaker, San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, gave a relatively rousing speech–but his little girl, Carina Victoria, absolutely stole the show. He gave her a little shout out during his address, and as soon as she realized the camera had panned to her direction, Carina turned it on. She flipped her hair, preened, and posed like a pro.

And did we mention she’s three years old? Because she is, and she’s awesome. You can watch her here in all of her glory:

And since we, like the rest of the world, are now sort of in love with lil’ Carina Victoria Castro, we’ve actually assembled a slew of our favorite hair flippin’ GIFs in her honor–but we think she shows them all up.

Carina Victoria, the legend herself

“Mitt Romney? Extreme Makeover? I don’t need one of those. I’m already pretty cute.”


Mariah Carey

“They’re paying me how much for American Idol?”


Willow Smith

“She shows who up? They said Carina Victoria flips her hair. I whip my hair back and forth.”


Harry Styles

“Are you overwhelmed?”



“Yes, Harry… I am.”


Nicki Minaj

“Harry who?”



It’s hard to flip your hair under the sea because of the water pressure and buoyancy.


Justin Bieber

“She doesn’t have the swag yet.”


Lady Gaga

“Fabulous? Carina and I were both born this way.”



“Wait . . . What do you mean this is cubic zirconia?”



“Seriously, dude. This elephant is blowing my mind.”


Taylor Swift

“Why is everyone saying buying a house next door to my 18-year-old boyfriend of a month is a bad idea?”


Kelly Kapowski

Taking sassy hair flippin’ to The Max. Literally.


Did you watch Carina Victoria at the Democratic National Convention? Who’s your favorite famous hair flipper? Tell us in the comments!

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