Guys And Girls See The World Totally Differently–Really!

They’re seeing totally different worlds! | Source: Shutterstock

If you’re wondering what role gender differences play in your life, it turns out they go beyond the whole Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus thing. Guys and girls literally see the world differently–and gender differences are also present in other senses. This may explain a lot more about gender differences in general than we realize. And now that we know what we’re up against, we may be able to understand guys a little better and maybe cut them a bit of slack when they can’t tell the difference between scarlet and maroon … And when they think it’s hilarious to set their farts on fire.

You may already know that a lot of guys are somewhat color blind (around 1 in 10 guys can’t see the color red), but the differences in our eye sight go way beyond that. New research suggests that among gender differences in eye sight, we girls can tell the difference between colors better than guys can–even when the guys have perfect vision. In a study, guys required a slightly longer wavelength of color to properly identify the shade, while girls pretty much knocked that test out of the park. This may explain why your brother sometimes asks you if his shoes match his shirt before he goes out on a date–because you really do know better.

However, we didn’t do better in every test. Guys demonstrated that they’re better at detecting motion and seeing moving objects than we are. Scientists aren’t sure why that is, but there are some theories that it’s an evolutionary tactic men developed back when they had to hunt for food in the wilderness.

Not only are there gender differences in how we see things, there are also discrepancies in what we actually focus on. Somewhat surprisingly, guys are more likely to hone in on the mouths of people talking to them, while we’re probably going to give them elevator eyes–looking at both their faces and bods. Dudes are also more likely to get distracted by movement going on around them, while we’re more likely to space out if we see other people around.

gender differences

Gender differences play a role in how we see, hear, and smell–we do most of ’em better than guys do! Source: Shutterstock

Not only do we actually see things differently, but there are also gender differences in how we hear and smell, too. Females are shown to have more sensitive ears and noses than guys do, which may explain why we sometimes have to tell guys the same thing three times to get our points across–and why we’re more likely to notice how gross a guy’s bathroom smells before he does. Come to think of it, this may also explain why guys think fart jokes are so much funnier than we do–because we’re suffering more each time they pass gas. At least that’s how we see it.

Why do you think there are gender differences in how guys and girls see? Do you think there are other gender differences in senses other than hearing, eyesight, and smell? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Starling

    These differences are physical. That’s sex, not gender: male/female rather than masculine/feminine.

    Yup, there are some differences between how Average Man and Average Woman get sense information. That’s not as important as our similarities as people, or our differences as individuals. It’s interesting to find this stuff out, but this site can do better than use scientific data to reinforce stereotypes. (Guys and fart jokes? Really?).