5 Websites That Will Instantly Make Your Day Better

Sure, the Internet is great for breaking news, finding good recipes, watching cool videos, downloading music and watching movies, but sometimes the best thing about the Internet is simple: things that make you smile. From hysterical memes to cute animals, these websites have something for everyone. You’re guaranteed to LOL or just get a smile on your face from reading them. Check out some of our own personal faves:


Celebrity Googly Eyes
Celebrity googly eyes
Scientific fact: googly eyes make everything more funny. Especially when those googly eyes are put on the face of a celebrity. You can check out all of your favorite stars with a whole new look… a totally silly, awesome look. Imagine if this was real life?!


This Is What I Mean

This Tumblr is full of inspirational quotes and song lyrics. If you’re having a bad day, these will most likely lift your spirits. Plus, they’re so shareable – get ready to reblog!


Animals Doing People Things

If you love looking at pictures of cute animals doing ridiculous things, well… this is pretty much perfect for you. Who doesn’t like to watch animals acting like people? The answer is obviously no one.


Just Girl Things

Basically, this Tumblr is all about teenage girls. It’s fun to go through and see what you can relate to – and even more fun to share the pics with your friends.


I Love Charts

This site gives a whole new light to charts and makes them really funny. These charts are about everyday things – nothing boring to be found. Honestly, I can’t stop scrolling through it.


What’s your favorite funny website? Which site on here do you like the most? What did we miss? Tell us in the comments!
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