I Was Scared To Get Contact Lenses, But Now I Love Them!

I was nervous to get contact lenses

I still totally love my glasses!

I’ve worn glasses for years, and although this hasn’t always been the case, I really love wearing them now. I think they’re cute and they count as an extra accessory to make any outfit look a little more interesting.

That said, when it’s sunny out, my glasses just don’t cut it. I don’t have prescription sunglasses (honestly, who does other than my dad?!) so if it’s bright out I have two choices: wear my regular glasses and squint through the glare of the sunlight, or wear my adorable hot pink, oversized sunnies and be . . . pretty much blind.

So, long story pretty short: I’ve been rocking my sunglasses and being blind for most of the summer, but finally decided that I’d had it. I was going to try to get contact lenses, even though I’ve resisted them for years. Just the thought of having to touch my eye was too awful. I mean, ick! Your eye is technically part of your brain! So it’s like, touching your BRAIN! Squishy! Yuck yuck yuck.

contact lenses

Not so scary afterall! Source

Still, I was sick of not being able to see anything around me, so I got brave and went to the eye doctor this weekend in to get contact lenses. I was a little nervous when the lady showed me how to put them in, and insisted on washing my hands a third time before even trying (I mean, I don’t want GERMS in my eyes!)–but once I got the hang of it, I could see! Not only could I see, though–I could see perfectly! Without glasses! Without anything, it felt like!

I’ll probably still wear my glasses a lot (like I said, I actually like them–they’ve got rhinestones!) but I am obsessed with my new contact lenses. I can’t believe I didn’t try them years ago.

Do you wear contact lenses? Are you squeamish about touching your eyes? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Laurie Sandus

    aily wear soft contact lenses are typically the least expensive option. You wear the lenses during the day, and remove them each night to be cleaned and disinfected. How long you can use a single pair of daily wear lenses varies depending on the manufacturer.:.’^

    See ya soon http://www.ideascollection.org/

  • Leah

    I have had contacts for a couple of months now & I love them! Sometimes during school they get kindof dry so its always good to bring eye contact solution with you. Its super easy to put it & it doesnt hurt at all. Sometimes your eyes tend to tear up, but for a person that hates wearing glasses it is soo worth it!

  • Alicia

    I’ve had glasses since I five (a few months before, actually), and I’m sixteen now. I’ve had my contacts for about three weeks now. I wasn’t able to get them before, because my eyes changed prescription too often. I’m so happy I have them! I still have trouble getting them in sometimes, but they are so amazing. I can wear sunglasses now, and do eye makeup. Well, I’m working up to that. But I love them!!