The 15 Weirdest Things With Hello Kitty On It

Hello Kitty is a symbol of cuteness. That tiny mouthless kitty face with a bow is on EVERYTHING these days. The weirdest thing about Hello Kitty is that they’ll slap her on some of the toughest, most random, hardcore things. It’s sort of awesome that she is so versatile and that all different kinds of people love her. I have to admit that some of those random things catch me a bit off guard. Like the, um, infamous Hello Kitty vibrator? I don’t know if that’s what I’d want to see when I am using one of those?

This got me thinking, what other weird Hello Kitty stuff is out there? Here are 15 super unexpected Hello Kitty items.

Hello Kitty Vibrator

Is that little teddy bear between her legs her personal massager?

Hello Kitty Statue

For she, Hello Kitty, is my God. I shall worship her until the very end!

Hello Kitty Darth Vadar

Darth Vader understood that his initial approach to world domination would work much better if it were slightly more adorable.

Hello Kitty Tattoo

Because the only thing more timeless than love is cuteness?

Hello Kitty Tattoo In Coffin???

A Hello Kitty angel? Who killed Hello Kitty? Not cool, bro.

Hello Kitty Van

I’m going to be the COOLEST kid at the carpool with one of these.

Hello Kitty Fountain

You can make a wish, but it will only get granted if it’s a cute wish.

Hello Kitty Scooter

The Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang is taking applications, right?

Hello Kitty Bus

A one-way trip to a magical universe where everything is pink and it rains cotton candy.

Hello Kitty Pasta

I always love boiling tiny cats alive to eat them.

A Homemade Hello Kitty Costume

You want me to buy things with Hello Kitty on it? But I am Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Popcorn Maker

It’s actually not that weird, but who doesn’t make popcorn in a microwave these days?

Hello Kitty Guitar

I keep trying to play speed metal on this, but everything I play just sounds like, “Call Me Maybe”.

Hello Kitty Humidifier

It feels like a Humpty Dumpty Hello Kitty is breathing on me all day long.

Hello Kitty Toaster

I’ll just shove these two pieces of toast into a cat’s body and hope they get crispy just how I like them.

What’s the weirdest Hello Kitty item you have? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Susie

    My niece has the toaster and my daughter has a Hello Kitty coffee maker! She wants the vacuum next.

  • Anonymous

    lol i have the last one

  • sk8ergal49

    my sister used to have a hello kitty waffle maker

  • Hayley

    I saw Hello Kitty sanitary pads on ebay a few years back.

  • Julia

    The hello kitty toaster is perfect for making Nyan cats. 1 strawberry pop-tart at low heat and voila! A pixelated, nyanyaning, pop-tart kitty! Just add rainbows!

  • quin

    I gave my cat some Hello Kitty treats. She sniffed them, and walked away…

  • Giulia

    We have Hello Kitty Salad in Italy!