10 Fictional Cats We Want As Pets

I love cats. I very much intend on becoming an old cat lady someday. Real cats are pretty cool. They sleep on your head at night, have serious ninja skills, and aren’t super needy like dogs. However, fictional cats have a little more to offer as pets. Most of them can talk, some of them have magical powers, some of them even fight crime. Who doesn’t want a cat with an unyielding sense of morality? This goes without saying but all of these cats seem to have way more interesting lives than I do and if I can just get a slice of that pie my memoirs would be a lot more interesting!


I’ll take Cat from CatDog because you get two pets in one. Although that whole thing where when one eats and the other instantly pukes is a little gross.


A cat who loves food as much as I do? A cat who is as cynical as I am? A cat who loves the city just like me? We’d go on so many adventures. Probably not, we’d probably just sit around eating Italian food all day . . .


Who wouldn’t want a bewitched cat who makes snarky comments all day? Oh, he’s just so cute.

Puss In Boots

I’d like a kitty who can hold his own in battles. I plan on engaging in a ton of fairy tale-like wars. Any cat who can introduce me to Humpty Dumpty isn’t staying at the kitty pound for very long.


I don’t know if I am allowed to keep Cheetara as a “pet” but I would definitely want her as a BFF or a big sister. She is way cooler than I will ever be. She has an amazing wardrobe (would love to borrow those leggings!) and crazy speed (can you run to the store and grab me a brownie during the commercial break?).


Squee! Oliver, no one wanted you but I wanted you! One of my favorite Disney movies about a kitten taken in by stray dogs. All he wanted was a home and a family! Me too, Oliver, me too!


Two words: Scat Cat. Not going to lie, the constant meowing can get a little old. A cat who can get down with sweet jazz tunes like Scat Cat is always welcome.

Tom and Jerry

The old game of cat and mouse. Tom and Jerry never successfully defeat each other so their constant warfare will probably destroy my apartment, but it’s totally worth it to watch their schemes play out.

Felix The Cat

Felix and his magical bag of tricks. People seem to keep trying to steal it but it never works out. If he were my cat, maybe I’d have a shot at what’s inside?


I loved this show as a kid. I wouldn’t dare put a leash (I guess you don’t put leashes on cats anyway?) on Razor and T-Bone. These two flew around in a jet fighter and rebelled against an evil government. Any cats that could probably win The Hunger Games are ones that I want nuzzled at the edge of my bed.

Mr. Mistoffelees

Cats: The Musical is sort of creepy, but I always had a soft spot for Mr. Mistoffelees. The magician cat is the only who doesn’t sing and he can do some serious back flips.

Which fictional kitty is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Minnegard

    Awwww, Mr. Mistoffelees!!! I just love him!

  • jessie

    I don’t think you’ve ever seen Cats. Mr. Mistoffelees does sing and I don’t remember him ever doing back flips.

  • Colin

    What about Top Cat



  • Morgan

    How coul you forget Cheshire cat?!?!

  • LittleRedWolf

    Don’t forget about Binx from Hocus Pocus! He was a seriously cool cat! Or what about Kirara from InuYasha? I’m not into the show anymore, but a demon cat who goes from cute a cuddly to a badass mode of transportation and battle partner is hard to resist.

  • sarah

    i love cats:the musical 🙂

  • DaynaMarie

    When you were talking about Felix being magical I instantly thought of Mistoffelees, so I admit that I squealed when I got to the end of the list. XD

    My personal favorite fictional cat is the Rum Tum Tugger from Cats: The Musical. He’s like a bamf in feline form.

  • ICanMakeYouSmile

    Good list haha. But the Aristocats says “blocked for copyright by Disney” :/