Do These Cinderella Shoes Come With A Prince Charming?

cinderella shoes

You can own Cinderella-inspired shoes, but there’s no guarantee they come with a prince, carriage, or fairy godmother! | Source

From Disney heroines going gay, Disney villains going Twiggy, and Taylor Swift crooning about white horses, princes, and princesses nonstop, we’re pretty much surrounded by images of magic and fairy tales. And now we can even wear our princess culture on our feet.

It started back in July when Christian Louboutin released images of their Cinderella inspired heels, designed to promotethe Blu-Ray release of Disney’s Cinderella. They’re super pretty–made with almost translucent cream lace (for a sort of glass-like effect), a ton of Swarovski crystals, and the brand’s signature red soles. Only 19 pairs were made, though, making them as rare as the actual glass slipper that snagged Prince Charming in the movie–but now the rest of us can get in on some affordable Cinderella shoes of our own.

Disney’s partnering up with DSW to make their own Glass Slipper Collection, a series of heels inspired by Cinderella and being released at the same time. Thankfully, they’re not made of actual glass, because if you’re heavy-footed, that could be pretty scary. The heels are sparkly, satin-y, and even have a carriage in the sole. So freakin’ cute! They go on sale on October 1, just before the Cinderella Blu-Ray hits shelves at midnight on October 2.

The heels are designed for evening and wedding wear–if you don’t have any royal balls coming up, they may be super cute for homecoming and prom. Keep in mind, though, that they run from roughly $60-$90, so you may want to save your allowance and baby sitting money in case you’re not lucky enough to have a fairy godmother to give ’em to you.

cinderella shoes

We need a fairy godmother to afford these. | Source

While we know it’s cool to feel like a princess and that Cinderella is the fairy tale by which a lot of women and girls base what they want their love lives to look like, we think it’d be pretty cool for Disney and other stores to pair up and offer stuff inspired by other princesses, too. Sure, Cinderella’s got shoes (and we heart shoes!), but we think a Merida-inspired bow and arrow, Ariel-style microphone, Belle bookshelves, or Mulan-style sword would be pretty awesome, too.

Do you want Cinderella shoes? Which fairy tale or Disney princess do you think makes the coolest role model? Which Disney princess has the best style? Tell us in the comments!

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