What The Hell Is A Designer Vagina?!

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You may have heard of something called “vaginal rejuvenation” lately. It probably conjures images of a spa, waterfalls, rest, plush terry cloth robes, maybe a hot masseur, a general refreshed feeling for you and your (now cucumber-scented?) vagina. Except in real life, it’s not nearly as awesome as it sounds.

In a quest for what experts are calling a “designer vagina,” tons of women and girls–some as young as 11 freakin’ years old–are going under the knife to get vaginal rejuvenation, a procedure originally reserved for people who needed it after childbirth or to treat incontinence (AKA not being able to control your bladder). Here’s why this is incredibly screwed up. There are a few different procedures, ranging from hymenoplasty (making you “tighter”–ugh) and labioplasty (altering your labia). And none of them are a good idea.

First off, vaginal rejuvenation is completely unnecessary. Your vagina doesn’t have to look a certain way, and there is no “right” way for a vagina to look. Everyone’s vagina is different. Just like the rest of the human body, there are variations in color, shape, and sizes of every part of a vagina, and guess what? They’re all normal. They’re all fine. Your vagina is fine.

Second, vaginal rejuvenation is dangerous. Some doctors market it as a way to enhance your sexual sensations and pleasure, but guess what? Getting vaginal rejuvenation surgery can actually make you lose the same sensations you’re trying to enhance and increase, not to mention put you at risk for infection and surgical complications. And like any surgical procedure, this stuff doesn’t tickle.

Third, a “designer vagina” won’t improve your sex life at all. Because think of it this way: If you’re too insecure to have sex without getting a cosmetic surgery, will you really be able to relax and enjoy it when it finally happens? Probably not, considering it may not feel as good as it should–and if you’re insecure about the way your vagina looks as is, imagine the way you might react if it had scarring from surgery. No bueno, ladies!

Fourth, a “designer vagina” is freakin’ expensive. Depending on what type of vaginal rejuvenation you get done, it can cost you between $2,500 and $12,000–and if it’s purely a cosmetic surgery, chances are your insurance company won’t pay for it (this is one thing we agree with them on). For that money, you’d be better off buying a designer handbag. Or shoes. Or a dress. Or ice cream sandwiches. Or video games. Or One Direction tickets getting you close enough to the stage to catch Zayn Malik’s sweat (not that we’ve though about that extensively or anything). Ahem.

The fact is, pornography and the prevalence of nude photos on the internet are setting a really weird standard for us. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about (are we too thin, too chubby, too short, too tall, too lanky, too curvy, too pale, too tan?), now we have to worry about people creating insecurities for us about our own freakin’ vaginas? Give us a break!

If someone is lucky enough to sleep with you, chances are they don’t give a crap what your vagina looks like. They’re just stoked that it’s there. The only “perfect” vagina isn’t a designer vagina–it’s a healthy one. If your gyno says your vagina is working properly, believe her–and leave it be. Because if anyone makes you feel insecure about what your vagina looks like, chances are they don’t deserve to be graced with its presence in the first place.

Do you ever feel pressures to have a “designer vagina?” Would you ever get surgery on your vagina to make it look different? Have you ever considered vaginal rejuvenation surgery? Has anyone ever made you feel insecure about your vagina? Tell us in the comments!

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  • roselove445

    wtf. I mean i understand for WOMEN that need it because of pain…. But 11 year olds getting it. Thats just messed up. What kind of parents does she have that is letting here do that just for the looks of it. Im sorry this is just plain wrong. Im not saying women that NEED it because of pain are stupid but if they are doing it just for looks then yah they are stupid as shit

    • moppatop

      I totally agree with you! I have an enlarged labia which does not only make me feel really insecure about myself but it actually is a right freakin’ pain! It rubs on all underwear, sanitary towels and causes huge itching! It actually hurts as well and my gyno made me feel sooo bad about it because she said I wanted a designer vagina!!! I didn’t even ask for surgery, I only wanted to know what my options were!! But 11 year olds doing it for cosmetic reasons are just dumb!

  • Spikiki

    A. My boyfriend says GUYS DON’T CARE.
    B. I personally, would NEVER do crap like that to myself.
    C. Surgery HURTS. My boyfriend has been through several surgeries, and we both think that getting unnecessary surgery on a vagina is flat out stupid.

  • swimmingchick05

    Doing something like this to your body is ridiculous. It’s a vagina!!!! It’s suppose to look kinda weird and different. Everyone should love every part of their body because it’s one of a kind. I wouldn’t want to do this to my body at all.

  • Alicia

    I have considered labiaplasty but not because I dislike the look of my lady parts but because my large inner labia cause discomfort in semi tight clothing, when I exercise and pain when I have sex. It makes me not enjoy sex as much as I should. If I had the money, I would do it and feel it’s worth it to not deal with the discomfort.

    • AD

      This. Appearance isn’t really the issue for me, but I can barely stand the pain they cause in regular clothing. If surgery was safe and inexpensive, I’d totally go for it.

    • Britt’ny

      If you have insurance and get a referral it will most likely be covered.