25 Reasons I Need Feminism

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Who Needs Feminism? is a Tumblr started by 16 college students at the (male-dominated) Duke University. They bravely started the blog, where anyone can submit photos with declarations of why they need feminism, in order to convince their fellow students that feminism is still very real and very necessary for equal treatment of women and men in society.

Here is an excerpt from their awesome mission statement:

“Identify yourself as a feminist today and many people will immediately assume you are man-hating, bra-burning, whiny liberal. Perhaps a certain charming radio talk show host will label you as a “Feminazi” or “slut.” Even among more moderate crowds, feminism is still seen as too radical, too uncomfortable, or simply unnecessary. Feminism is both misunderstood and denigrated regularly right here on Duke’s campus. We, the 16 women of Professor Rachel Seidman’s course on Women in the Public Sphere, have decided to fight back against these popular misconceptions surrounding the feminist movement.”

I love this Tumblr and it’s amazing to see young women who really understand that feminism isn’t about walking around pissed at dudes all day. It’s about acknowledging the common struggles women and men are subjected to because “society” thinks girls must be one way and boys another. It’s about recognizing the shame we senselessly feel for wanting to be “thinner” because girls are supposed to be or for being a boy who likes to cry because crying is a girl thing. That’s why I need feminism.

Here are 25 other good reasons from Who Needs Feminism?.

I Need Feminism Because

"My teammates and I shouldn't be called lesbians because we play basketball."

I Need Feminism Because

"1.3 women are raped each minute in the U.S."

I Need Feminism Because

"People still tell me, 'You're too pretty to be gay.'"

I Need Feminism Because

"Pretending I am stupid just to make a guy feel smart is beneath me."

I Need Feminism Because

"My period does NOT invalidate my opinion!"

I Need Feminism Because

"After 20 years it has taught me that your genitals do not dictate how you act, what you feel or who you are. Men have feelings too."

I Need Feminism Because

"I don't want to live in a world where a guy sees nothing wrong with saying, 'I would never date a slut.'"

I Need Feminism Because

"Even though I'm posting a photo for a cause, I still feel like I have to pick one that makes me look PRETTY!"

I Need Feminism Because

"My university teaches 'How To Avoid Getting Raped' instead of 'Don't Rape' at freshman orientation."

I Need Feminism Because

"My chemistry teacher used the word 'woman' as an insult."

I Need Feminism Because

"I need feminism because the things that me 'unlady-like' are 'IDEAL' in men."

I Need Feminism Because

"In my country (Mexico) women are killed just because they're women. And the government doesn't defend us!"

I Need Feminism Because

"'Do I look fat in this?' is my first reaction when trying on clothes instead of 'Do I like this?' or 'Is this comfortable?'. The media and society have taught me that being SKINNY is more important.

I Need Feminism Because

"I need feminism because as a 5'0", person of color, no one takes me seriously and everyone undermines me."

I Need Feminism Because

"Today is the first time in a long time that I've felt OK leaving my house without makeup because I should have ever needed to change my appearance to be comfortable with is . . . no one should!"

I Need Feminism Because

"(When the time comes) I would like to be the one who proposes to him."

I Need Feminism Because

"My dad should not be telling me what to put in my body or tell me how much I should weigh based on society's standards."

I Need Feminism Because

"I hate being called a cougar for dating a boy two years younger than me . . . because my best friend shouldn't assume I have an STD because I love having sex with said boy."

I Need Feminism Because

"I am sick and tired of sexist and misogynistic lyrics in popular songs."

I Need Feminism Because

"Women shouldn't need to go to men to know if their own body is normal and beautiful!!!"

I Need Feminism Because

"Even though my body is biologically engineered for motherhood, it doesn't mean I can't still enjoy sex for the sheer PLEASURE."

I Need Feminism Because

"I should be able to go grocery shopping at my local farmer/grocer without getting barked at, by a human being no less, and getting looked at so ferally that I fear for my safety and feel violated just from the way they looked at my body."

I Need Feminism Because

"My boyfriend should never be told that he is 'less of a man' because he is dating an older, educated, aggressive woman. Feminism HELPS men."

I Need Feminism Because

"During my abuser's trial, his daughter wrote a letter saying that I was an 'attention seeking, lying slut.'"

I Need Feminism Because

"I want to be a high-ranking intelligence officer for the Air Force, travel the world, and eventually work for the CIA . . . And not be judged because I'm a woman who's good at what I do."

You can submit your own photo right here!

Are you a feminist? Do you think feminism is about man-hating and complaining? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Convincing Reasons To Become A Feminist

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  • Erin

    I may be being dull, but can someone explain why a man’s personal preference of not wanting to date a ‘slut’ is wrong?
    Believe me, I am utterly against slut shaming but, apparently, a ‘slut’ is ‘a woman who has many casual sexual partners’ or ‘a woman with low standards of cleanliness’.
    Why are we telling men who they should date? Guys, you can go out with a girl who’s slept with every guy you know, or you could go out with a virgin. Here’s a revelation: you can go out with whoever the fuck you want:-)
    (as an additional note; i don’t personally take someones sexual activity into account, but each to their own)

  • Mason

    I need feminism because, where are there ever mens abuse shelters/hotlines?

  • Thomas J

    You know what I have had it with feminists. You are the biggest group of whining ungrateful bastards I have ever met. All you bitch about is rape, spouse abuse or less money. Let me give you the reason why for the most part it is bullshit

    1 rape. Rape is not a term for just women, men and children suffer from this as well. I understand that rape is a terrible disgusting crime that should be purged like the sickness it is but, how is being a feminists going to change that. All you seem to do is bitch repost pictures of anti rape/ men pics and try and get people and sites banned. You live in a country where you; can own land, have any job you want, have freedom of speech and the vote, you will always win a custody battle and in most cases the man will pay you. Can falsely accuse rape to shame the man you target and literately ruin there life whilst staying anonymous with little consequences if you are caught.

    2. You will find that now domestic abuse is actually 50/50 as hundred of millions of female on male violence are 90% of the time laughed at or ignored. Only in countries like Korea china and several places in Africa will you find a patriarchal. How can you claim that you live in one when the worst things you face are the occasional sexiest joke a comment about kitchens/ making sandwiches and making a couple quid less than a man which is bullshit for the most part.

    3 money. I agree that in some jobs there are still unfair rates between a man and a women’s pay check but there are valid reason in most cases. A man can not piss off for about to a year due to pregnancy and claim. Women are entitled to more benefits and if they have a child will 9.9 times out of ten be placed above all else on waiting lists for flats/ benefits. Then there is the man expected to pay for food entertainment and but shit for the female they are courting.

    Now in Britain where I live there was a massive shit storm when the government decided that women were right and made it so they pay equal tax and insurance for there cars. You have to realise that the way things are give you all a lot of power.

    victim shaming I 100% agree is wrong. What a women weirs when she was attacked is disgusting and fucking pathetic. If a women goes out in a skimpy dress she should not then be shamed because some prick saw a chance to get a easy shag. But by that same token women should not then go out wearing practically nothing and try and say well there shouldn’t be rape. you are right as I said above rape is a evil slime that I would happily watch burn. But rape does exist and whilst I abhor rape shamming I beg that if you are going out then stay with friends or have a pair of jeans on you so on your way home you present a challenge to a rapist. Rapist want a girl they can have naked in seconds. Skirts and thongs can be torn apart in mere seconds and gives you no time to call out for help before the deed has started.

    But back to the main point the main figures for how much less a women makes is an over all guess. They take all the jobs in the UK/USA and add them. Now if a man makes 1 million as a banker and homeless man makes 0 then the over all average would be 500,000. Now the homeless man isn’t making anything close to that but that is how it works. The reason that men make more in some jobs is that one they do not get pregnant and relay on a partner to be the bread earner and they can advance there career whilst a women might want to stay at home and raise the kids. Now there are plenty of cases of reverse roles and as I said that is fine. But for the most part a women after giving birth might not want to go straight back to work. she might be a stay at home until there kids are in there teens or young adults.

    my mother was one and she now works with the disabled and she makes less than a man who has worked there longer. This is how it works if a women was higher up she would make more than a man lower down.

    Please feel free to debate with me on this if you can give me real facts and figures and show evidence that in some parts i am talking out my arse then please do I love debating and love learning new facts. But please don’t respond with I am a ignorant pig or some other insult that completely boy cots all I have said.

    • Crescent

      You do realize that feminism does not promote men hate? Your example of men being abused by women and then being unable to report it because they are ridiculed is WHY we need feminism. Don’t you see?

      Men who are being abused by women are considered “unmanly”, because it is a WOMANLY trait to be put down and abused. That is misogyny right there. Yes, we need to change this. But the only way to change it is to get rid of the idea that a man is “not a man” (in other words, feminine) if he lets a woman get the best of him. We need to get rid of the idea that women are supposed to be weak and men are supposed to be strong. That is what feminism stands for. Feminists are NOT on the side of the women that put their men down! Feminism supports EQUALITY. That means equality for men, too.

      Your problem is with extremist feminists who pull everything completely out of proportion and practically support overpowering men as opposed to just being equal. Every movement has it’s extremists, unfortunately all we can do is apologize for their behavior and try to explain that they do NOT represent what we stand for. I hope this helps.

  • Aaron B

    Feminism is as close to gender equality, as Chauvinism is. Gender equality will never exist until Feminism and Chauvinism are eradicated from society. “Feminists” should take a moment to think about what Feminism actually means from an outside perspective.

    It’s fair to say, most women become a Feminist because of unfair treatment to them, because of their gender. But that is the same as a man of African heritage becoming racist against Caucasian people, because of the unfair treatment to them due to the colour of their skin. It’s madness.

    I am pro-gender-equality. I acknowledge how women are unfairly treated because of their sex. But I also acknowledge how men are unfairly treated also, a fact that a lot of feminists tend to ignore. In the same way as chauvinists think, most feminists believe that men are still dominant, where-as in modern society women have preferential treatment purely because of their gender.

    On the news, if a group of people do heroic deeds, they are simply “people”. If the group happened to all be women, then the media would rave about how empowering it is for women to see such brave women being heroes. Yet, if you were to have all of them as men, they would still be referred to as persons and people. There would not be any celebration of the deeds of men.

    Both men and women have made massive contributions to society, but there seems to be a growing trend now to eradicate any celebration or remembrance of the deeds of men in history and society. Excluding the recent wars, it has been almost exclusively men who have died in wars. Yet there was no large feminist movement for women to equally be able to go to the front lines.

    It’s funny how so many people on here are praising feminism, when feminism both devalues the social identity of men and insults those women who want true gender equality – rather than misandry.

    • Onirinaute

      Well, yes, men are also being hurt by the culture we have of gender roles in our society, but if you look at the pictures, or ask a little around you, you can see that feminism is also about that. Feminism and misandry are not the same thing. I agree that the term “feminism” may not be the best, but fact is, “feminism” also fights for equal rights regarding divorce and children custody, in which men are often denied custody without a particular reason, or for the right for men to cry or express feelings if they want to without being mocked of…

    • Crescent

      ““Feminists” should take a moment to think about what Feminism actually means from an outside perspective.”

      I’m sorry, but I think you should take a moment to think about what feminism actually IS, because you don’t seem to get it at all. The fact that you’re comparing it to racism demonstrates that ignorance. Racism is to feel superior over another race. To believe that a certain race, or certain races, are inferior. How is that similar to feminism? Feminism does not mean “to hate men”. It does not mean “men are inferior”.

      In fact your post is almost amusing to a degree, because most of the examples you listed are part of what feminism is trying to OPPOSE rather than support. Feminists do NOT want special treatment for women, be it positive OR negative (the heroes example that you named, although I must admit I’ve yet to come across an article that specifically points out the gender of the heroes in question and makes it a big deal). They simply want equality, and equality goes both ways if you didn’t know.

  • Christabel

    I need feminism because I am sick of people being shocked that despite the fact I am female and I still study maths, further maths, physics and chemistry at A level and I want to be a physicist. I need feminism because these subjects are male dominated and get PAID MORE FOR THE SAME JOB.

    • The rant with little lies but little truth

      No one gives a fuck what you study? and I am sure that the reason it is male dominated is because it is males that come up with most of what we have. In fact whilst you bitch about men do you even began to realise what man has done for you. Everything in your house is most likely the result of man. Computers, TV, building of the house itself, chairs beds, books all for the most part invented by man so are we not entitled to a bit more money considering that we have contributed so much whilst women have pretty much contributed fuck all but bitch about how we are cunts pigs or not real men but demand the same rights as us. I am a useless bastard that will not contribute to my work place a lot but still demand the same money

      • A Feminist Student

        Okay. Let me teach you a thing, without responding with vitriol to the dehumanizing, insulting and all-around stupid things you just said, okay?

        First of all: Ada Lovelace was the inventor of the algorithm that made Charles Babbage’s computer actually work – there, the computer you typed that response out on was invented and created BY A WOMAN.
        Tabitha Babbit? Sarah Mather? Tabitha invented the circular saw, Sarah the submarine telescope and lamp.

        Or maybe you want more manly inventions?

        How about Kevlar (Stephanie Kwolek), or the medical syringe (Letitia Geer), or maybe even the microelectrode (Ida Henrietta Hyde)?

        This is only off the top of my head – realise, however, that due to patriarchal influence the historical records we have of ‘men’s’ achievements and inventions were written by men, for men, in times so ancient we have barely anything to go by in terms of historical accuracy.

  • Some Babe

    I need feminism because I’m fat, ugly and have no personality and calling myself a feminist is easier than improving myself as a person.

    • Seona

      I need feminism because of this comment.

  • and_all_that_jazz_x3

    I need feminism because my ex-boyfriend’s biggest problem with our relationship was that, because I was so driven to be a successful lawyer, he would never be my first priority like he should be.

  • Eevee

    I need feminism because I’m tired of stereotyping. I’m a girl who likes to wear dresses and makeup and I also happen to hate math and would rather be an actress or singer than an accountant or an engineer. Because of this, I’m somehow a dumb bimbo or a stupid Barbie Doll. Feminism isn’t about telling women how they should act, it’s about letting them chose how they want to be, whether they want to be girly or not! And what really sickens me is how many girls have this mentality.
    Also, I really hate how the word “girly” is used as an insult and the assumption that my femininity makes me an idiot. I’m more than just a girl in a pink dress. I’m also a huge fantasy series/anime/theater nerd and an aspiring photographer. That’s who I am and NOBODY has the right to change that.

    • A Feminist Student

      I am a girl, therefore I am girly~ I agree completely – I am a girl who enjoys the occasional dress-up or night out, and I want to either be an author or a biomedical student/vet.

    • Samara

      I understand that you are a victim of stereotyping, but honestly, have you ever heard of that classic old saying about sticks and stones? The worst I can become victim to is stereotyping, sexist comments and possibly a pay gap. Guess what? I can get over that. Big deal. I don’t care, because there are women in other countries that are subjected to so much more sexism that I could experience here in the United States. If you look up the sexist list of shame, which is the top 10 countries unfair to women, the United States wouldn’t even be close. It’s actually considered one of the most gender-equal countries in the world. I don’t have to listen to what anyone says about me, but these women in other countries on a daily basis are harmed, abused, killed, stoned, mauled, etc. just because they are women. They don’t have the option to just “brush it off” and go about their day. I’m all for feminism, but I’m not so concerned as to why I need it. I am more focused on gender equality in other countries. My husband and I can get over people looking at us funny(I know they’re assuming how “unmanly” he is) when we tell them I make way more money than he does, and the double-standards he experienced when a couple of “feminists” called him a douche bag and a tool, because they considered him tickling me as revenge for punching him as abuse. It’s no big deal.

  • TubeT

    Feminism is the new antichrist !

  • Marron

    I need feminism because i am sick of people telling me i cannot be good at sports because i’m a woman. I need feminism because i am sick of being written off as a ‘man-hater’ and ‘extremist’ because i think all genders should be equal- men, women, and those who don’t identify with either. Everyone needs feminism, because it isn’t ridiculous and unnecessary, and it isn’t just for women.

  • Jane

    I need feminism because I’m not allowed to live on campus because it’s not “safe” for a fifteen year old, female college student.

  • BarryMayor

    I need feminism because It gives me a chance to hang out with a woman without spending additional money, until I meet a regular non-feminist woman, which is the kind of woman I am interested in marrying.

    I need feminism because a true feminist doesn’t expect or want the man to pay for her on the first or any other date, open her doors, carry her heavy stuff, buy flowers or any of those other unequal gender role traditions. You can go out and not have to pay anymore or do anymore than you would do for a man

    Feminism allows me to date at no additional cost and not have the pressure of being chivalrous, protective, or romanticin traditional gender role ways. It gives you a chance to just hang out while looking for a regular woman to marry.

    • Camilla

      Are you joking? You’ve completely missed the point of this!

      • Onirinaute

        No he hasn’t, gender equality works both ways =)
        paying at the restaurant may not be the n°1 problem about gender equality but it is still part of it.

        • Christine

          I get the money thing. But why would you not marry a feminist? Is it because she would not clean behind you? I need feminism too, but surely not for the same reasons!!

  • M

    Almost all the comments on this website are just ridiculus complains that do not have anything to do with promoting equal rights between genders. It is all mostly about stereotypes. Waste of time.

    • Richie

      As a girl. I agree. A majority of these things can be solved if people actually tried to themselves and were really strong to not give up, not if feminism comes in. Ex. Rape and other contact and equal pay problems.

  • Aria

    Honestly, i’m my own feminist. I don’t care of other girls because they are not me. There is a double standard in feminism. A woman can randomly slap a guy IN THE FACE when she gets angry, but the guy just sits there getting slapped and scratched because he’s being the better person. How a woman can start cursing and putting her middle finger up to the cops, and I’d call her bad ass, but if I see a guy do that i’ll call him a jerk.

    • Antonia

      “I don’t care of other girls because they are not me”


      Feminism is equality, not women better than men. Please, read about feminism before told us nonsense.

  • Casey

    I need feminism because for a year I was bullied, abused and picked on by a boy in my class, and for the most part, it was okay, because I didn’t dress like the other girls.

    I need feminism because people assume only women are raped, and that feminism is only about equality for women, when feminism supports equality for all genders (and for most feminists this is true- including those who do not identify with a gender).

    I need feminism because not every one who calls themself a feminist is for complete equality.

    I need feminism because my female senator told me she didn’t support the equal pay act because it was “detrimental to the development of small businesses” But last time I checked, small businesses generally pay men and women the same already.

    I need feminism because in a creative writing class, I used “Them” as a singular pronoun, and everyone was annoyed with me. I used it because those who identify as being genderless, or are in transition, etc aren’t recognized in pronoun use, and my piece was about equality.

    I need feminism because after dating someone for a week, he asked me why I didn’t “dress nicer” for him. “Like, wear makeup and stuff”. He also grabbed my butt in front of his friends, and he assumed this would be okay with me…

    I need feminism because the FDA requires me to be on birth control due to the medication I take WHETHER OR NOT I am sexually active.

  • DLZ

    I’ll tell you why I don’t need feminism. Because I have been raped twice by women, and orgs like NOW and RAINN have gone to great lengths to hide and suppress statistics of abuse of men by women, as well as deny them help and support.

    I don’t need feminism because a woman hitting a man and the man calling the police results in him being arrested. That men cannot take shelter at the many, many “women only” shelters, even though women initiate partner violence even more often than men. Thanks VAWA.

    I don’t need feminism because NOW has pushed the 1 in 4 myth to make me look like a rapist, when the actual data from government backed sources tells us that the stat is actually 1 in 12 for both genders, and that women rape men nearly as often. Except that forced vaginal intercourse by a woman is not legally viewed as rape.

    • are you fucking kidding me

      i need feminism because men like you dont get feminism

      • Casey


    • AD

      I need feminism because it means equality, not preferential treatment. Discrimination against men is antifeminist, same as discrimination against women.

    • Christine

      You need feminism too because feminism is actually trying to eradicate the kind of sexism that you’re taking about. Feminism is about respect between both gender.

  • Hannah

    I need feminism because I am sick of being told I’ll “change my mind” over having kids. Just because I have functioning reproductive organs doesn’t mean I’m obliged to use them!

  • Morgan Levy

    I need feminism because I have been told way too many times that I am too pretty to be interested in math and science, in addition to wanting to be a doctor. And people also act like I am an idiot because I am a girl, even though I take honors classes and am near the top of my class in school.

  • Lastango

    Hilarious! The idea that women being feminist on a college campus are being brave is a total joke. The brave ones would be anyone in “Professor Rachel Seidman’s course on Women in the Public Sphere” who would put their grade at risk by questioning feminist orthodoxy.

    On most campuses, it’s not easy to get to the left of the professors the administration, or most of the students. What’s next… a claim that liberal and environmentalist organizations on campus are “speaking truth to power”?

  • Alexess

    I LOVE this!