Should You Take AP Classes?

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So, you’ve still got a little time to cement your schedule this semester and you’re wondering about those fancy Advanced Placement classes–you know, AP Bio, AP English Lit, AP French, AP . . . you-name-it.

What’s the big deal with AP classes, and should you take them? Well, even if you think you’ve already made up your mind it’s good to know all the facts before you decide:

* AP classes are offered in most high schools and are taught at the college level, which means they’re NOT the classes you can just breeze right through.

* AP classes prepare you for the AP exam in your subject. Those tests happen every May.

* If you pass the AP exams (with a score of four or five out of five), it’ll look great on college applications, earn you college credit, and help you skip some intro classes your freshman year of college.

* Roughly one third of colleges consider AP scores when they figure out who to give scholarships to.

* Do not take an AP-level class in a subject you’re already struggling with. If you barely made it through History last year, don’t take AP European History just because your BFF is doing it. You’ll be miserable and your GPA might suffer because of it! It looks better to get an A in a regular class than to get a C- in an AP class.

* If you want to take an AP class, talk to your counselor and find out what will work for you.

To learn more about the AP program, click here!

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  • Shanequa

    I actually wanted AP classes for this school year(10th grade). I wanted it because all of my classes are super easy and i understand it to the fullest. In my classes I’m probaly the smartest with the exception of two or three students out of 20-25. But, my mom says that I don’t want to over excert myself into classes that might bring down my GPA which is 3.8 and going up.

  • flower4536

    im in the seventh grade and i have honors classes in magnet and algebra (8th grade math) when im older of course im taking ap clases

  • LollipopPuppet

    Well, I’m only in 8th grade, so it’s still Pre-AP, but I’m glad I love history so much, because if I didn’t take Pre-AP US History, I probably wouldn’t have any classes with my BEST friend. :O Well, he’s my best friend and only friend. So, that’s good! πŸ˜€ And, just because I feel like sharing, ironic how the grammar nazi chose regular english πŸ˜€

  • Cadie

    Well…I’m 15 and I have 4 AP Classes this year. But I was careful to choose classes that I’m stronger in — history and English are my best subjects, and 3 out of my 4 AP classes are history/English related. I’m awful at science so I avoided AP science classes.

    • Gabby

      Good Luck! ^_^

  • Hunny

    i took alot of AP classes and i hated it . school sucks πŸ™

    • ShayShampagne

      Two friends of mine had all AP Classes(5) and they passed every single one. Probaly because they really didn’t talk to anyone. But I only had 2 (ap biology & psychology) and barely passed. That’s because I had so many distractions and friends! I’m so happy I’m done with high school… AP classes will kick your ass