Ryan Lochte Penis Pictures Leak–But We Don’t Want To See Them!

penis pictures ryan lochte

Would you pay to see penis pictures supposedly belonging to Ryan Lochte? We’re not sure if we would! | Source

Penis pictures that are supposedly of Ryan Lochte‘s little Olympian (or not so little, who knows!) are said to be floating around the Web, waiting for the highest bidder.

Most sources aren’t quite positive that it’s really Ryan Lochte in the penis pictures, but they have some reasons to believe so: the shaved swimmer’s physique, tan lines from Speedos, and build are all said to match up. However, some distinguishing marks are missing from the penis pictures, namely his tattoos and, well, his head.

The photo was allegedly originally sent from Ryan Lochte to a now-ex, who then showed it to pals, and, well, you know what happens with nude photos: they go everywhere, especially when you’re a celeb.

We’re not here to debate whether or not the penis pictures in question were of Ryan Lochte, ’cause honestly, we don’t care much. In fact, we don’t care much for penis pictures in general, and we think most girls agree.

Men are visual creatures, so seeing pictures of naked chicks turns them on–and often if and when you send a guy naked pictures (which we really don’t recommend!), chances are he either asked for them or was just really stoked to see them. Fair enough. But girls are wired differently: We require a bit more to get aroused, like communication and often an emotional connection, and we’re usually a lot wordier than guys are–and how often have you asked for penis pictures? Never or almost never?

As a result, Fifty Shades of Grey is super popular, while penis pictures don’t do much for us but make us roll our eyes. In fact, they just make the guy who took the picture seem pretty vain and self-absorbed. Guys, just because you like something–whether it’s naked pictures or fart jokes or Adam Carolla or believing that vaginas have magic powers to prevent rape pregnancies–it doesn’t mean we’re into it, too.

This isn’t to say we don’t dig penises in general. They’re pretty useful, but um, staring at one–weirdly isolated in a close-up picture, no less–doesn’t do anything to get us hot and bothered. It just gets us, well, bothered. And in poor Ryan Lochte’s case, the only hot thing about his penis pictures is their potential for extortion.

Do you dig penis pictures? Has a guy ever sent you penis pictures? Did you ever ask a guy for penis pictures? Would you want to see Ryan Lochte’s penis pictures? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Learis

    Now girls don’t be swearing at other peoples likes and dislikes

  • aly

    I love to look at circumcised penises. I always look for the scar, it turns me on!!!

    • gen

      what the fuck

      • ashley

        I agree….what.the.f***ck.