5 People I Think Are Going To BetrAy The Pretty Little Liars Girls Tonight

Okay, before I get into this, here’s a warning: if you haven’t completely caught up with this season of Pretty Little Liars, don’t read any further! There are definitely some spoilers in here for those of you who are still catching up for tonight’s episode.

Now, onto the good stuff. I don’t know about you girls, but I’m super excited for the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, #TheBetrAyal, which airs tonight. This season has been awesome. Almost every single episode has left me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails and shrieking, “I need to know who A is!!!” And now, finally, we’ll get to find out yet another person who’s working on the A Team.

I’ve got a few theories on who could be the one betraying the girls tonight – and since this is supposed to be the biggest betrayal of them all, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be someone we don’t want it to be. Check out what I think and then let me know: who do you think is a member of the A Team?


The Most Obvious Suspect: Paige
Pretty Little Liars A
At the beginning of the last episode, I was totally convinced that Paige was A. I mean, let’s face it, the girl is just creepy. As Spencer pointed out, she’s been obsessed with Emily for years. Plus, did we all forget how she tried to drown Emily?! If she could try to kill someone she’s supposedly in love with, then who knows what else she’s capable of. And did you see how she got so angry and violent when she saw Emily kissing Nate… and then didn’t even say anything to her?! I definitely won’t be surprised if Paige has been working hand-in-hand with the A Team… which is what makes me think it’s not her. The show is just making her such an obvious suspect that it seems too easy.


The One I’m Not Letting Off The Hook: Jenna
Pretty Little Liars Jenna
I know there’s plenty of evidence that Jenna hasn’t been working with A… but that doesn’t mean we can just let her slide that easily. This girl is manipulative, mean and just plain evil. What was she doing pretending to be blind for so long? Did she know that Noel Kahn had Mya hiding in his basement? If so, why didn’t they tell anyone? And what do the parties at the Kahn house mean? So many questions! All I know is, there’s no way Jenna is completely innocent.


The One Who Would Break My Heart: Ezra
Pretty Little Liars Ezra
I know that everyone loves Ezra and everyone thinks that him and Aria are really adorable, but let’s be real here: their relationship is totally creepy and illegal. There’s something shady about Ezra that I just can’t put my finger on. I don’t want Ezra to be A, because my heart would break for Aria, but I can totally see him hiding something like that. Plus, the last few episodes have shown an even shadier side of him. He was hiding thousands of dollars in his sock drawer and keeping a huge secret from Aria! And did you guys notice how he appeared in Aria’s life just as A did? Also, remember the last finale, when Ezra appeared at the dance to grab Aria at exactly the right moment? Shady. I could be wrong (I hope I’m wrong), but I can definitely see a dark side to Ezra.


The One Who Will Make Me Scream “I Told You So!”: Caleb
Pretty Little Liars Caleb
I have been saying that Caleb is working with the A Team since the beginning of this show, and I am not backing down! Caleb is even shadier than Ezra and I feel like we don’t know that much about him. I know it seems like he’s in love with Hannah, but there are so many things that go against him. Caleb seems to be the only one in that town who knows how to do crazy tech things, like breaking into password protected websites and hacking into phones. That’s a total A thing! And did you notice how Caleb was hiding in the dressing rooms waiting to grab Hannah for a kiss in the last episode? He could have just as easily been in there planting a snake in Spencer’s dressing room earlier. Plus, in the preview, Hannah is hysterically crying – even if Caleb isn’t A, there’s definitely something going on with him.


The One Who Would Make My Jaw Drop In Shock: Spencer
Pretty Little Liars Spencer
Spencer is last on this list because I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that she could be A. However, I’ve heard a lot of people talking about, and she has definitely earned her way onto the suspect’s list. In the last season finale, Mona asked Spencer to join the A Team… and did we ever really get a response from her? In the last episode, she seemed so intent on blaming everything on Paige. I know that Spencer is basically a mini detective, but still. And I want to know how she found that tiny little earring in Paige’s bag when she had it for not even a minute? She easily could have planted that there. Just saying.


Do you agree or disagree with my guesses? Who do you think is going to betray the girls tonight? Did I miss someone? Are you going to watch the show tonight? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Christina

    Omg it’s toby and monna!!! I would never had thought that!!!

  • ShayShampagne

    None of your guesses were right. But then again nobody expected it to be Toby working with Mona…. Spencer will be heart broken… But any who, I can’t wait for the Halloween episode!! ^_^

    • selena

      yuh huh , i guessed toby

  • Nikki

    I agree that paige is too obvious and since they are making a big deal about it that it def. is not her. As much as I don’t want it to be I have a feeling that caleb is on the “A” team. I really think that him and Hanna are really cute together but there is something about him that I can’t put my finger on. Plus in the preview of tonight’s episode Hanna looks devstated so it has to be him, I can’t really picture Ashley ( Hanna’s mom) in on all the stuff that has been going on with the girls. I guess I will just have to wait and see!

  • Selena

    i feel like they made paige too obviously so its not her , im rooting for toby!!