10 Celebs We’d Brave a Hurricane With

For the last 48 hours I have been glued to the Weather Channel obsessively tracking the path of Hurricane Isaac. One of my BFF’s goes to Tulane in New Orleans and as we speak is packing up to evacuate to Mississipppi–I’m freaking out! Growing up in California, we don’t have many resons to evacuate our homes and take shelter, so I can’t imagine how scary and stressful it must be for her and all the other gulf coast and Florida residents.

But, to calm her down, she and I played a little game via text last night called Hollywood Disaster Partners. Basically, celebs we wouldn’t mind being locked in a storm shelter with. Her top was Ian Somerhalder (duh) and mine was Zac Efron (DUH), but here are a few more celebrities that would make some kick-ass companions during a hurricane. As I say a few more prayers for the who may be affected by Isaac, tell me who would you want to be locked up with?


1. Blake Lively

But only if she brought her entire wardrobe...and we happen to be the same shoe size.

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2. Pete Wentz

Or whoever your fave rockstar happens to be! I’m a huge Fall Out Boy fan (yes I know they broke up) (no, I don’t want to accept it!) so I’d love nothing more than endless hours trapped in a room with Pete so he could explain to me the meaning of every single lyric he’s ever written. What fun for him! He might want to take his chances with the hurricane...

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3. Taylor Swift

Taylor doesn’t seem to need A-list events or the coolest tech toys around to keep herself entertained. She is happy as a clam just hanging with her BFFs on the couch and goofing around. Plus, she can make up songs about your awful exes--and she bakes! Can a friend get any better than that?

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4. Prince Harry

Not only is he charming, handsome and funny, but the ginger prince is a bad ass Army commando! So if things got hairy in the hurricane, he could scoop me up and carry me to safety...and then to our wedding.

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5. Bethenny Frankel

I doubt that the reality star would ever run out of funny stories to tell, plus she could keep from gobbling up the six pound bag of Cornnuts I insisted upon bringing with her motivational pep talks.

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6. E.L. James

Yes, the woman who wrote 50 Shades of Grey. I would not only grill her on why she thinks an emotional icy, sadistic billionaire is what girls should be worshipping as the ultimate man, I’d give her a few suggestions on other terms she could use besides “my inner goddess,” “oh my,” and basically every other dorky thing Ana says/thinks that no other female ever has. Then I’d make her promise Alexander Skarsgard would play Christian.

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7. Ryan Gosling

I mean...do I even need to explain this? No matter how terrifying a storm is, I’m sure that I could simply lay my had against Ryan’s incredible abs and fall into a peaceful sleep. And him calling me “fancyface” all day is a pretty sweet bonus 🙂

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8. One Direction

Um yes they count as one person! I mean it’d be rude to just exclude certain members right? I’m all about equality. I’m also all about having Liam and Niall squabble over who gets to give me a backrub. (Hey, in my fantasy, hurricanes are very sexy events)

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9. Julianne Hough

I don’t find the Footloose star particularly fascinating, but I would love to learn some sick dance moves! We could stack up the cans of food and flats of bottled water in the corner and create a makeshift dancefloor, twirling around with the FEMA guards and make costumes out of rain tarps! Eat your heart out, Dancing With the Stars contestants!

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10. Channing Tatum

We could pick parts from Magic Mike and reenact it! I’d play his pants.

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Who did we leave out? Tell us your dream Hurricane buddy in the comments!

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