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My Strength Strong Men Know When To Stop

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Rape, and of course the ridiculous notion of “legitimate” rape, have been in the news a ton lately–and the people speaking up the loudest on the issue (as usual) are women and girls. I guess that’s because it’s women and girls who are most often the ones who experience rape, but I’ve always wondered where are the dudes in this conversation? I mean, if men are the ones most often committing rape (and they are), then isn’t it men who can be the most effective at stopping it by say . . . knowing when to stop and not raping people?!

And when it is men doing the talking, we so often just hear them say that girls shouldn’t get drunk, wear short skirts, walk around after dark by themselves, etc. etc. etc. because they should know that they’re putting themselves in harm’s way. EYEROLL. What about maybe addressing men and taking the “harm” out of the equation?

Finally, though, I think we’re seeing a little progress in this area. A kick ass campaign called My Strength (put together by the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault) is busting out all over the web with anti-violence and anti-rape messaging aimed at the people who need it the most: dudes! The message is that strong men don’t take advantage of girls who are drunk. Strong men listen–and know when to stop! Strong men never think a girl owes them anything. The campaign is sexy and smart and will hopefully get a lot of guys thinking about what kind of man they want to be. Here at Gurl, we freaking LOVE men–specifically strong men who respect girls and women.

Check out these posters for their campaign and think about sharing them on your Facebook wall, too. Let’s be honest here–who couldn’t use a few more strong men in their lives?

What do you think about this campaign? Do you think it’s true that strong men know when to stop? Are you going to post one of these posters to your Facebook wall? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Rohan

    I’m a guy and I’d like to say that people who say women are responsible for rapes happening, are nothing but perverted creatures who should hanged by their d1cks.

    Seriously guys, get your self a girlfriend, love her truly and i promise you she’ll return your love ten times over. Sex is nothing if its done with with someone you don’t love. The satisfaction and joy you’ll get from a girl’s sweet smile is a thousand times better than the high you may get from using raw force over a helpless girl. Take my word for it.

    P.S. If you think you’re the strongest guy on earth just because you forced some girl’s clothes off, try fighting a guy of your size, not unarmed girls in the cover of darkness.

  • BleedingSun

    Can’t help but notice all those couples are same race couples. BUT ANYWAY.

    The notion that women who dress sexy are putting themselves up as a target for rape is ridiculous. It’s been proven that rape is not usually motivated by sex – its not a sex crime. It’s a power crime. A woman could be wearing anything – but if she looks defenceless, the type of man who’s sick enough to get his satisfaction that way will attack. Men don’t rape a girl because she’s hot – they rape her because they get off on dominating someone that way. They get off on rape. It’s not about the sex – it’s about the power.
    So if you wanna tell me that I can’t wear a push up bra and a mini skirt when I got out with the girls, and if I get raped while doing so it’s MY fault, you’ve got your head up your own ass with ignorance.

    • Alex

      Amen, sister!

    • Lauren

      Amen to everything you just said girl. SO many college/highschool girlsdon’t report this because they don’t want they school to hate them and call them sluts. It’s so messed up. We need to stop this type of mentality! EDUCATE!

    • N.

      i noticed the race thing too- why are those the only couples???