Can I Fix My Low Sex Drive?

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The lovely ladies from ChickRX, a new hotspot online for expert advice on getting happy, healthy and hot are back for their second week of guest blogging. The ChickRX ladies are going to have their experts answer one of your health questions every week. Just leave yours in the comments and yours could be next week’s question.

Alright, onto this week’s question.

Q: My sex drive is low and it’s driving my boyfriend (and me) crazy. Is there anything I can do to increase it?

A: ChickRx expert Evelyn Resh says…

The idea that a young woman could have a low sex drive seems a little bit crazy to most of us. But, the fact is that even teenage girls can feel disinterested in sex. There are four common reasons for this and all of them can be addressed. So, in short, yep, you can increase your sex drive. Here’s how:

Birth Control: Birth control pills are the most asked for contraceptive method by teen girls in my practice. They’re effective for preventing pregnancy. You’re smart enough to know that the pill does diddly for STD prevention. So, condom up, girl! Here’s the thing about the pill though, one of its potential side effects is that it might lessen your interest in sex. If you’re on the pill and think this could be your problem, talk with your health care provider. You two can find an alternative method that won’t decrease your sex drive.

Partner Problems: If you’re having problems getting excited with your boo, it could be because you’re having problems getting excited about your boo. You could love your guy or gal and just not be attracted to him or her. This is really hard to admit and even harder to talk about. But not living and acting honestly is hurtful and interferes with both you and your partner having what you want most. Be honest, even if it hurts at first, and find someone who does turn you on. You’re worth it and so is your partner.

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Depression: Not being interested in sex, or much of anything else, could mean you’re depressed. Stress, low self-esteem, and a family history all increase your risk for depression. Most episodes of depression resolve after a week or so. But if a low mood and disinterest in everything that used to turn you on, including sex, persists for more than a couple of weeks, talk to your school nurse, guidance counselor, medical practitioner or any other adult you can confide in. Feeling depressed isn’t something to be ashamed about and it’s definitely something that can be and should be treated.

Pressure: Last but not least are the worries many of us have about having sex thing the “right way”. When teen girls learn about sex, the information they often receive is filled with fearful messages. “If you have sex, you will get pregnant” or “If you have sex, you will get an STD.” It’s rare that anyone who teaches girls about sex presents it as one of the most pleasurable things in life made all the more so when you’re protected from an unplanned pregnancy and infection. If you’re afraid, it’s difficult to feel relaxed and happy about having sex at all. So know that if you’re using a condom and protecting yourself, you’re doing it right. Enjoy!

Finding out what’s up with your sex drive may not be easy, but it is important and will lead to a much happier, healthier sex life.

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Have you ever noticed a change in your sex drive? Know what it was from? Let us know and leave your questions for ChickRx in the comments.

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  • veronica

    I’m 17 and have been experiencing low sex drive for a little over a year now.. it’s concerning and frustrating, especially considering that when I lost my virginity at age 15, I had a perfectly healthy and even over-the-top sex drive. None of the reasons listed in this article are accurate for myself, other than the depression. I’ve been fully recovered and perfectly happy for a year now, though, and my sex drive never returned post-depression. What now?

  • Julie

    I totaly lost my sex drive at age 31. It sucks big time. I’m never horny ant not even attraced to any of the guys who like me. The one I do like hates me so no hope of ever getting with him. I guess I should just give up and settle for laying there feeling nothing.

  • LA

    This piece of advice fails to state one very important factor, she may just have a very low sex drive and that is her normal, healthy state. Sadly having incompatible sex drives can cause quite a problem within relationships.


    GURL!!!!!! i am really horny like ALOT! i love humping table legs and other random things i also like to stick my pens in my underwear and rub them back and forth. BUT IT DOESNT SATISFIE ME. and i dont really like masturbation. Also i showed my vajj on Omegle and my tits and i dont regret it i am so scared of becoming a slut! is it bad i dont regret it?

  • Ep.

    Ugh, Gurl please could you start catering for girls who are virgins and LIKE IT that way? I get it, a lot of teens are doing it but MORE aren’t, it’s been researched. I think it’s extremely irritating that some of your articles seem to encourage girls to do it, it’s also stupid the world has enough pregnant teens already. Maybe you could start writing more articles that don’t revolve around physical relationships and encourage more emotional relationships? I’m not saying you should preach about staying pure till marriage, just please, stop excluding virgins.

  • william

    How can i stay strong having sex every day?