5 Reasons Not To Cheat (And 1 Thing To Do If You Already Have)

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Girl meets boy on the set of epic vampire movie. Girl and boy fall in love just like their characters, Edward and Bella. Girl cheats and boy is devastated.

Cheating. Infidelity. Adultery. Skankery. No matter what you call it, cheating sucks and so do cheaters. Sadly, sometimes the best of us screw up though and are tempted.

To be clear, cheating is secretly and intimately engaging with another person while you’re involved romantically with someone else. This definition includes virtual and emotional affairs. So that guy on facebook you trade sexy pics with? That’s CHEATING if your BF or his GF is unaware of it. That cute guy in your class you call to cry on his shoulder? Right-o! You’re in Cheat-oh-rama City if your dude doesn’t know about it.

But that’s harmless, you say. Well, if it’s SO harmless, tell your sweetie pie all about it. Go on. I dare you.

And now, here are 5 (Super Solid) Reasons Not to Cheat:

1. Karma is one mean goddess.
What goes around comes around. Ever heard that? Karma is also known as The Golden Rule or you reap what you sow. That means that if you are a low down, dirty, lying cheater, you may be attracting some nasty energy! The universe balances life out in that way. Treat folks like you want to be treated.

2. Being a coward is never cute.
Cheaters generally cheat because they don’t have the guts to be honest with the person they’re with (or with themselves!) about how unhappy they are in their own relationship. If you’ve found someone you like better don’t be cowardly, selfish and self-absorbed. Have the courage to tell your boyfriend.

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3. You’re not a jerk.
Your word is your bond. Self-honor and integrity are important to your overall state of wellbeing. Obvi, you originally hooked up with your partner because you cared about him. Show some decency, self-respect and compassion by being faithful — or by breaking up with him.

4. Cheaters have more STDs
Yup. It’s true. According to a University of Michigan study, cheaters have more unsafe sex and catch more sexually transmitted diseases. That’s definitely NOT sexy.

5. You won’t know who to trust.
If you’re being untrustworthy, it’s virtually impossible to trust someone else. Don’t step into the dark, girl. Believe me. It can make you crazy.

Yikes. “BUT, what if I ALREADY cheated,” you ask?
Good people make mistakes all the time. If you have already cheated you owe it to your dude to ‘fess up. Part of learning to be an adult is taking responsibility for your actions. It’s better for him to hear it from you than somewhere else. As anyone who has been cheated on can tell you, the feeling of betrayal is heartbreaking–but some relationships can move past it. Good luck, my lovely.

So what do YOU think? Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? Do you have other reasons not to cheat that I forgot? Tell me in the comments!

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  • me!!!

    So i cheated on my bf who I’ve been with for a year I didn’t relise how bad are relashonship was still I cheated I feel really bad I told him and broke up with him he to ally hid what he was feeling like he always does then texted me that night and asked y we had to break up over it I cheated with a frind of both his and mine and he wasn’t even mad at his bud so clearly he is to imacher to be in the make ur heart race kind of relashonship I was looking for when we started going out but of course I still love him we went out for a year but his reactshon made the hole thing seem fake like yeah he said he loved me but was he Mac her inuff for the same depth of love I was trying to find but I think I like his friend and I’m so confused ik for a fact you can like/love 2 difrent guys this was a place I never thought I would be I have always hated cheaters and now that I’ve done it Im really pissed at myself

  • lulu

    i cheated on my boyrfirend! we have been together 2 years now.. im only 17!! ever since i cheated i have felt so sick and i get so angry and fustrated!! i no i should tell him but i just cant do it! it would kill him and i really like him!!! it treats me like a princess:'(
    i regret it so much!!
    the guy i cheated on with was my best friends brothers friend… and he wont talk to me.. we were really really good friends and we now dont talk!
    i dunno what to do but i cant keep feelin this bad! if my bf did that to me i would end it asap:( help!!!!

  • two cents

    I could agree and disagree with some parts of this article… but I will just say…

    There are more ways to cheat than just physical…

    If you’re in a relationship and you are talking about personal “issues/problems” to another person who is the opposite sex… those feelings will get deeper and deeper… if you want to talk about something… do it with the person you’re in a relationship with…

    communications is key… not just sex.

  • bunny97

    I agree with everything, except the “you’re cheating if you call a cute guy from your class to cry on his shoulder”. There have been many times I’ve been upset and needed support from someone, and my boyfriend wasn’t that someone. If I’m at school and my boyfriend isn’t and I end up crying or feeling like crap, etc., I’m not going to say no to a guy friend if he lends me his hugs and comfort. I don’t see it any differently from crying on a girl friends shoulders. They’re just friends and I want comfort, so I don’t see a big deal about that. Unless you meant call him just because he was cute…that’s a little questionable, yes. But the rest of the article was spot on. I didn’t know cheaters had more STDs, that was news to me.

  • misslmh11

    I love this article. It speaks the truth.

  • Jay

    “That cute guy in your class you call to cry on his shoulder?” I don’t think this should be considered cheating by default. Saying that it’s cheating to look to somebody besides your partner for support is just supporting the idea that boys and girls can never be just friends.