I Don’t Want To Wear Makeup – Am I Weird?

I don't wear makeup

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peacelove123 said:

I never really got into wearing makeup or being girly at all. At the most, I wear some concealer. I’ve never worn mascara or eye liner or blush or lipstick or anything really. I feel like a tomboy sometimes and I feel like if I do wear makeup, it will be like I’m trying to be pretty and fail. Is it weird that I don’t wear makeup?

Got something to add to this convo? Then go for it, girl. Tell us what you think in the boards: does not wanting to wear makeup make you weird? Do you wear makeup every day? Can you relate to this?


Would you change how you look for your BF or GF?

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  • Bloodfun2585

    I never liked makeup I thought I was the only one who hated makeup thank god I’m not alone

  • LBD

    I am a ritualist.
    I love the ritual of drinking my morning tea in my silk bath robe.
    turning on Perfect Day by the constellations
    Then washing my face and rubbing on my estee lauder hydrationist cream.
    Then smoothing in my Vichy 45 spf dry lotion.
    Then massaging on my Clinique sun city block 40 spf tinted moisturiser
    Dotting on Guerlain sun shimmer highlight pink liquid blush
    softly rolling concealer under my eyes and blending rhythmically
    dabbing bits of guerlain meteorites powder to my t zone
    swooshing my guerlain liquid eyeliner on – blue of course to match my eyes
    swiping dior blue mascara
    rolling my charlotte tilbury bond girl lipstick on
    brushing my eyebrows to perfect arches
    throwing down my hair from the clip
    brushing it rhythmically to the music with my Mason Pearson brush
    smiling as I walk out the door looking good
    all of which takes me less than a total of 5 minutes but makes me so very happy.

    That being said my husband prefers me to be totally sans makeup- nothing nada etc.
    I however care about my skin. I need to keep it away from sun damage and that means putting products on it – and wearing hats and gloves too. As it also enhances my complexion a small bit that is great.
    I don’t judge a person for wearing or not wearing makeup. To each their own.

  • Lauren

    Makeup, to me personally, seems like a waste of time. I mean, if someone is really your friend or boyfriend, they would still like you if you didn’t wear makeup. Natural beauty isn’t something to hide. So what if you don’t have a perfect complexion, that’s what makes you human. Be proud of who you are and what you look like. If someone doesn’t like it, well then they can leave you alone. The only opinion that really matters is yours. If you love makeup wear it, if you don’t then ditch it.

  • Lizz

    When I was 11 or 12 I was at my friends birthday party and we did like makeovers and that’s really the only time I’ve worn makeup. Unless you count a 3 year old who got into her mom’s makeup… I liked how and I wasn’t uncomfortable but I’m too lazy to wear makeup. I’m too lazy to do really anything…

  • Tomli

    I used to wear sooo much makeup, like concealer all over my face and on imaginary ‘blemishes’, powdered foundation, tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, eyeshadow…it was too much and when i took off all that makeup i felt bad about myself. And in the end, i dont know about you other gurls (see what i did there) but all the makeup took a negative toll on my health. My eyelashes were getting weaker from all the mascara, my skin got pimply and red…so now i try to not wear makeup as much, if i do wear makeup its just concealer, brow gel, and a lip stain. I think most girls look so much better withotu makeup, because honestly who really was born with a perfect complexion, with thick lines around their eyes or inch-long black eyelahses? It looks unnatural, and up close to someones face it doesn’t look really great. All girls are prettier without makeup, but in the end i think its their choice whether to wear it or not, simple as that 🙂

  • Rosalie

    Makeup is stupid. You know why? because if makeup wasn’t invented, no one would be ashamed to show their natural beautiful. The only thing that’s ugly is a face full of makeup

  • cupcake

    I used to wear lots of make up and it just made my face look pale and without life if I didn’t wear it. Basically I looked dead without it. It wasn’t until after I went to bootcamp that I stopped wearing make up and now may face looks good without it 😀 Bottom line : Make up makes you lose your natural beauty.

  • ToxicDisco

    Not all people are blessed with even toned and blemish free skin you know…

  • Z

    I don’t wear make up either. The only form of makeup I’ve worn is when my friends made me try on mascara when I was 13. I am not ashamed of my natural beauty and you shouldn’t be either. I feel like people who wear make up are more insecure without it and it becomes more of a daily routine instead of something done every once in a while. To all insecure girls who feel ugly: You are beautiful just the way you are. Don’t try and change yourself for others. Be comfortable in your own skin. Love yourself. Cherish yourself. You are drop dead gorgeous! 🙂

  • MakeupJunkie101

    Personally, I love wearing makeup. It just helps me feel more confident. My everyday makeup routine contsists of eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipgloss and maybe some eyeshadow if I’m feeling bold. Alot of people get the wrong impression of wearing makeup. Some people think that if you wear it, you’re a skank and if you don’t you’re a loser. So I think the best thing to do is to do whatever makes you happe and comfortable 🙂

  • Gabby

    Im one of the few people in my grade who still doesn’t wear makeup, and I’m happy with that. I just don’t like it that much, I’ve tried practicing with it and I know how to use it for special occasions but otherwise, I’ll just put on some lip balm and go

  • lala

    i feel happy that you feel comfortable enough with your skin that you don’t need make-up as some of us needs it to not look pale/blemished. however, natural beauty is my dream 🙂

  • Mary

    I am exactly the same way! I never really enjoyed applying makeup. I fully support you in not wanting to wear makeup because its your choice. some people like to express their selves through makeup and it makes them feel confident. If you feel confident without it the you go! Its your style and its up to you! Either way its your face 😉

  • love

    I do that too! I feel the same way <3