Going Down On A Girl Isn’t Gross

If you’ve ever worried that it’s SERIOUSLY GROSS for a guy to go down on a girl, don’t. It’s not gross. How do I know this? Because I’ve done it.

Let me explain.

Like just about every single woman on planet Earth, I used to feel immensely guilty when a guy would go down on me. I mean sure it felt AMAZING (except when this one guy did it–yikes, dude) but I could never fully enjoy it, totally consumed with thoughts of OMG does it smell gross? Taste awful? Is this so horrendous for him?! After a few mintues I’d just give into my neurosis and pull him back up.

The older I got, the more I convinced myself that going down on a girl was the worst thing a guy could experience in his entire life. This wasn’t a two-way street, however. I happily went down on guys and always enjoyed it. But for some reason I was wracked with guilt if a guy tried to reciprocate.

And then, I hooked up with a girl. I’ve always been a little on the bi-curious side and once I moved out of my stifling small town to the big city, I was able to explore side of myself (and other people. OH, SNAP!) that I’d always wanted to.

Her name was Marni and she was in town visiting our mutual friend. It was St. Patrick’s day and after a crazy night out the talk turned to sex and dudes and then, to my surprise, girls. Marni had had several threesomes and a few girl-on-girl encounters (that sounds so porn-y even though it shouldn’t— doesn’t it–girl-on-girl?) and–long drunken story short–we ended up back at my apartment together.

Just to clear up any confusion, lesbian encounters do not involve strap-ons. Well, at least not usually. Porn wants you to believe otherwise, but hooking up with a chick is similar to hooking up with a dude, only you stop at oral or touching and rubbing because, well, that’s as far as you can go. Unless you want to slap together some ludicrous contraption. “Hey wait here–lemme just get a banana, a few leather belts, a soldering iron and some industrial staples. BRB!” I mean…that seems like a LOT of thought, right?!.

So there we were, hooking up when the moment I both dreaded and anticipated arrived: it was time for me to go down on her. We had been out all night dancing, so I assumed that whatever I was about to encounter south of the border was going to be even more awful and sweaty than it usually might be.


Seriously girls, I was sooooo wrong. First of all, it does not smell. Not bad, anyway. It has this kind of musty, sharp scent that taps into and turns on some primal part of you, like how a baby’s cry can make its mother lactate. OK that’s a super gross example but you get my point. The girl’s scent is meant to entice you on a very earthy, instinctual level.

Secondly, it tastes great! I mean it’s not exactly Nutella flavored but again, the taste isn’t what you’d expect. It’s warm and tangy and smooth and slippery.

Thirdly, the way you lay when you go down on a girl is FAR more comfortable than whatever position you’re in giving a blow job. Plus, you don’t have this giant wonky thing ramming the back of your throat, making you gag while you simultaneously worry about your teeth scraping him and doing stuff with his balls etc etc–look ladies, there’s a reason it’s called a JOB, amirite?!

And here’s something I did not expect about giving a girl oral: I was friggin’ great at it. All those years of receiving it made me unconsciously prepared to give it. I felt like Harry Potter discovering he could speak Parseltongue. Who knew!

So here’s my overall decree when it comes to oral: DO. NOT. FEEL. GUILTY. It’s so lovely to perform on a girl. I’d say I’m 85 percent into boys, 15 percent into girls, but I still find myself jolted by a craving to go down on a girl more often than you’d think.

Since Marni, I’ve done it a few other times in threesomes and such, and I have yet to encounter a girl who tastes/smells bad, grosses me out or anything of that nature.

So ladies, if your man is heading downtown–LET HIM. And if for some reason he doesn’t feel the need to venture into your netherparts with his mouthy mouth–DUMP HIM. And come see me instead!

Have you ever performed oral sex on another girl? Are you shy about having someone give you oral sex? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Dona

    I have went down on 6 or 7 women in my life and enjoyed it every time! I am married to a great guy and we belong to a private club with others who belive in the open marriage concept. Before we join the group I had never been with a woman but its so great to have the freedom of being with any of the men or women any time I want. And yes, its a very beautiful thing to give and receive oral from other girls.

  • summer

    I always wanted to try girl on girl and one time i did end up high wid my bi female friend. We were flirting alot in the beginning but i finally thot, fuck it, ill koss her. I did and she was an amazing kisser. I had to run home to my bf so i tried to hurry out but she asked me if i had ever been eaten by a girl. I hadnt. She requested me to stay for next 10min and let her eat my v up. I stayed. We kissed, grabbed aeach others boobs and she pulled my pants down and started licking my clit. Woah! Amazing. Dieing to do it again but cant find no straight gurls like me whose into girls too 🙁

  • meg


    • Anonymous

      Went down on another girl just last night! My best friend. And it was awesome! I loved how i could make her feel so great. I didn’t know it could be so much fun to do! its awesome! I think all girls should experience it.

  • brenda600

    omg i luv it when a guy goes down on me..its such a great feeling..my last bfriend went there alot cause we didnt have intercourse…im still a virgin and its just the best..im not worried in the slightest about a guy going down..i know its good..mike told me hed stay in there forever if he could..lol..the thought of doing it to a nouther girl is a fantasy i want to fulfill…im definately going to do it….im very bi curious and get very horny thinking about it..its a recuring masturbation fantasy

  • David

    Giving a woman oral sex is the second greatest thing in the world. If she’s clean, it smells great, tastes great, feels great on the tongue and is just all around fascinating.

    I always, always, always give an oral orgasm first. There’s nothing better than sex with a woman who’s juicy and screaming and thrashing and orgasming inside. And getting there is more than half the fun.

    Why would a woman think that it’s gross? Basic biology: Evolution favors traits that get genes passed on. What gets genes passed on? Sex. So evolution is going to select for things that get you sex. What’s going to get you sex? A vagina that smells good when you want sex. QED.

    The only downside is that you can get your head kicked off or your ears screamed out.

    • muff lover

      I couldn’t agree more David. There is nothing more exciting or better than to get her juices flowing before penetration and orgasm certainly get the juices flowing and it shows her your emotional response to her sexual/emotional/physical needs.

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    Oh well that is quite the relief! I’m bi, but haven’t been with a girl yet (don’t have much guy experience either, to be honest), but I wasn’t sure what that particular activity would be like. Good to know I don’t have to worry!

  • Shewhomustnotbenamed

    I’m a girl and I thought it was gross but me and my boyfriend were Hangingout things got hot and he went down on me… Best feeling ever

  • Autumn

    How is a mother lactating gross? Seriously?

    • why

      why oh why would u mention it again. The word mother should just refrain from being used in conversations about new sexual experiences.

  • Mailan96

    I have always wanted to do it to a girl and have always been curious. I am interested in guys so much but girls I just am curious. It’s hard to find a girl that will ever let me go down on her. Hopefully I can find one. Loved the article.

    • Mickey

      I’m the same way. I guess I’ll have to wait to get out of this small town though. People around here are a bit narrow minded

  • Learis

    Omg. Once my bf did it to me, and it was heavenly. And once a girl I know wanted me to do it to her. Trust me. Have confidence.

  • annonymous

    anyone want to try it ha.?

    • brenda600

      omg yes..lol..wanna do it together

      • Ashley Boo

        Me lol

  • Ez

    I have a girlfriend but I am super scared to go down on her because every time I do it seems like she hates it. How do I do it right?

  • Di-Di

    My boyfriend lovesssssssss going downtown on me and I couldn’t love it more than I do. I look forward to it everytime we get intimate. I was skeptical at first before actually having had it done to me; BUT, one day he surprised me by getting down to business and it was truly the most amazing feeling. Ladies. It is something you just have to experience!

  • Lala

    Wow thank you for this thank you a bunch!

  • Rachel

    I’m a little into girls, but haven’t gone past kissing. I’m engaged now (to a boy) so I doubt I’ll ever go down on a girl and have no interest because I only care to do anything with my fiancé. It is nice to have it described though, I have always wondered what it was like and now I won’t feel so bad when I receive it.

  • Kat

    My boyfriend HATES oral on me and makes me self conscious he says it smells so I never get any 🙁 And it makes me really sad! I NEVER sweat down there but anyways, I tried using this vaginal body wash (Summers Eve) and scented pantiliners I hope it helps.

    • dee

      scented pantiliners can give you an infectio from the chemicals so be careful

    • han

      if he makes you feel that way maybe he isnt that good a boyfriend to have. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable for something to do with YOUR body, he’s the one with the problem not you!!!!

    • muff lover

      Chuck him in. There is nothing sweeter, in this world, than the musky juices of a woman’s vagina. If it doesn’t smell or taste, it isn’t worth eating. Just saying

    • summer

      Girl, trust and believe, if ur not living the life of getting eaten dowmstairs, ur really not living this life to the fullest. As long as u got the vegina, u got all em tongues and ding dongs out there. So dump that zero and be wid a hero. Fyi, YOLO!!

      • Gina

        You are so right, Summer! Get rid of him, Kat!

  • anonymous

    Thank you just Thank you thank you thank you thank you. xoxoxox 😀 😀 😀

  • Laura

    It’s delishiiiissss! 😀 It’s amazing, specially done with feeling. No it doesn’t taste bad, or smell bad, it’s a natural scent that actually turns one on. Agree with above 🙂

  • strawberryicing

    This is sooo good to know, I’m a lesbian but I’m too scared to get a girlfriend because I was terrified that I’d be grossed out my going down on her. It doesn’t actually sound too bad (and if it was really bad, why would so many people do it!?) so I’ll try and be more confident! Thanks 🙂

  • BleedingSun

    Good to know, so I don’t need to feel so self conscious.
    But oral sex isnt my thing, I find giving is horrible (at least to guys) and reseiving it, well, boring. I can’t feel it. Maybe he did it wrong but I just don’t see the point.

    • meg

      some guys don’t know how to do it properly, if you’re comfortable telling them how to do it then tell them! tell him to lick it like he’s kissing you. and do it soft but with good pressure. trust me. or hook up with another girl. they do it better.