Going Down On A Girl Isn’t Gross

If you’ve ever worried that it’s SERIOUSLY GROSS for a guy to go down on a girl, don’t. It’s not gross. How do I know this? Because I’ve done it.

Let me explain.

Like just about every single woman on planet Earth, I used to feel immensely guilty when a guy would go down on me. I mean sure it felt AMAZING (except when this one guy did it–yikes, dude) but I could never fully enjoy it, totally consumed with thoughts of OMG does it smell gross? Taste awful? Is this so horrendous for him?! After a few mintues I’d just give into my neurosis and pull him back up.

The older I got, the more I convinced myself that going down on a girl was the worst thing a guy could experience in his entire life. This wasn’t a two-way street, however. I happily went down on guys and always enjoyed it. But for some reason I was wracked with guilt if a guy tried to reciprocate.

And then, I hooked up with a girl. I’ve always been a little on the bi-curious side and once I moved out of my stifling small town to the big city, I was able to explore side of myself (and other people. OH, SNAP!) that I’d always wanted to.

Her name was Marni and she was in town visiting our mutual friend. It was St. Patrick’s day and after a crazy night out the talk turned to sex and dudes and then, to my surprise, girls. Marni had had several threesomes and a few girl-on-girl encounters (that sounds so porn-y even though it shouldn’t— doesn’t it–girl-on-girl?) and–long drunken story short–we ended up back at my apartment together.

Just to clear up any confusion, lesbian encounters do not involve strap-ons. Well, at least not usually. Porn wants you to believe otherwise, but hooking up with a chick is similar to hooking up with a dude, only you stop at oral or touching and rubbing because, well, that’s as far as you can go. Unless you want to slap together some ludicrous contraption. “Hey wait here–lemme just get a banana, a few leather belts, a soldering iron and some industrial staples. BRB!” I mean…that seems like a LOT of thought, right?!.

So there we were, hooking up when the moment I both dreaded and anticipated arrived: it was time for me to go down on her. We had been out all night dancing, so I assumed that whatever I was about to encounter south of the border was going to be even more awful and sweaty than it usually might be.


Seriously girls, I was sooooo wrong. First of all, it does not smell. Not bad, anyway. It has this kind of musty, sharp scent that taps into and turns on some primal part of you, like how a baby’s cry can make its mother lactate. OK that’s a super gross example but you get my point. The girl’s scent is meant to entice you on a very earthy, instinctual level.

Secondly, it tastes great! I mean it’s not exactly Nutella flavored but again, the taste isn’t what you’d expect. It’s warm and tangy and smooth and slippery.

Thirdly, the way you lay when you go down on a girl is FAR more comfortable than whatever position you’re in giving a blow job. Plus, you don’t have this giant wonky thing ramming the back of your throat, making you gag while you simultaneously worry about your teeth scraping him and doing stuff with his balls etc etc–look ladies, there’s a reason it’s called a JOB, amirite?!

And here’s something I did not expect about giving a girl oral: I was friggin’ great at it. All those years of receiving it made me unconsciously prepared to give it. I felt like Harry Potter discovering he could speak Parseltongue. Who knew!

So here’s my overall decree when it comes to oral: DO. NOT. FEEL. GUILTY. It’s so lovely to perform on a girl. I’d say I’m 85 percent into boys, 15 percent into girls, but I still find myself jolted by a craving to go down on a girl more often than you’d think.

Since Marni, I’ve done it a few other times in threesomes and such, and I have yet to encounter a girl who tastes/smells bad, grosses me out or anything of that nature.

So ladies, if your man is heading downtown–LET HIM. And if for some reason he doesn’t feel the need to venture into your netherparts with his mouthy mouth–DUMP HIM. And come see me instead!

Have you ever performed oral sex on another girl? Are you shy about having someone give you oral sex? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Mia

    Me and my gf have been together for a while now and i told her how much i enjoy orsl, she said she feels bad that she cant give me that. I feel ugly and embarrased to tell her i really want it, i give to her and she enjoys it but she still finds it gross, i dont kno what to do

  • Diamond

    Hi my name is Diamond, I have 5 kids and married to a man. However, I was always curious to be with a woman and secretly, I watch porn but what really turns me on and gets me wet is watching girl on girl action, or even threesome’s (2 women and a man).

    • Missy

      We should totally hook up then!

  • Chan

    I’ve never been with a guy or a girl but I’m more curious about being with a girl than a guy. I wish I could find someone to try it with :(

  • Kaidy

    Shoot where do I meet you? Lol I’ve always been curious about having a girl do it but idk any girls who would be into it. I atleast wanna do it once.

    • Missy

      I’ve never been with another girl but I really want to. Same position as you. Want to but can’t find one willing.

  • Esmeralda

    I am always embarrassed when my boyfriend wants to give me oral . He always ask and I answer yes but I get self conscious cause I feel as if I in a way make him give me oral . I honestly don’t know why he’d want to give me oral . I sometimes think he does it just to give me pleasure not because he wants to .

  • Jocelyn

    Didnt go well for me the first time. The gurl had a bad odor and I almost gagged. Tried it a few times. Not bad when there are no guys around but on the whole I prefer a studdly guy who can do me bien bueno and make me cum, cum, cum.

    • Lanie

      True that! Guys are the best. I guess I’d feel like I’d be settling for a girl if I could get a guy. I don’t mean that bad. To each her own! But for me, I want a guy with a strong cock and talented tongue. :)

  • anonymous

    When I was 8 or 9, me and my best friend touched each other and made out.
    Then we started licking each others face all the way down to our vaginas.
    I loved the feeling and we eat out each other every time she comes over.
    BTW; We’re both straight.
    Dude, I swear if I move I’m kidnapping her and shes gonna hide in my bedroom with me. Hehe

  • Kate

    The first time I went down on a girl was 11. We were at a slumber party and all got into the hot tub naked cause non of use brought swim suits, we even got her mom to get in nude too. Then we kinda ran around naked for a couple hours, even all got in the shower together. Eventually we all layed down naked together in Alison’s room the girl who was having the slumber party. We could not sleep so we quietly started to play truth or dare I took the dare and has to lick my BFF Sarah’s pussy, it was fun. Later Alison licked mine, soon we were all licking each other and playing with each other. I have loved to oral ever since. Was actually kinda weird to give a guy a BJ the first time I was so used to girls.

  • Jen

    I’ve been seriously contemplating going down on a girl, i never have but really want to try

  • maisey

    I am a lesbian now and I love giving oral sex. The way you go down and pleasure not just the girl but me is amazing. The best time is when your both naked, it gives you an orgasm too. You should try to go on opposite sides and lean against each other so the vaginas are touching. It feels so good. Or suck eachother up top too. Wow…

  • pee_kay

    I am 23 and I’ve men and women,and i love it. Actually i can honestly say penitrarion is nice every so often but i can survive on women. I mean before i ever tried it i thought it sounded gross, but after my fist time…i was addicted! I recently was in a five year relationship and was fanasizeimg every day on what i could do to some girl and how bafley i wanted to, but to me that’s cheating. But can i tell u the first time after that relationship ended its like i never lost my touch lol, that is something that comes natural to women. We know how we like it and know how to work it, we are natural pros. Most of all though, i crave givein oral sex on a girl more than i crave getting it! When i give oral to a girl i get so excited to see and feel her come apart from beneath me b/c I’m doing this to her. Sometimes i even orgasm just from giving her an orgasm.