Jeans Never Fit Me Because I’m Too Short

There are few things I love more than fall clothes shopping. After months of traipsing around in tank tops, bikinis and denim shorts that inevitably get sweaty and faded from the sun, it’s always nice to turn to cooler weather clothing. There’s just so much to buy: jackets, raincoats, cozy sweaters, flannel shirts, cute sweats, boots… the list could go on and on. But the absolute worst part of fall shopping (for me at least)? Buying jeans.

I hate jean shopping. That’s not necessarily because I hate jeans. A good pair of denim can be an excellent staple in your wardrobe that you can re-wear a million times. They’re comfy, they’ve got the whole casual but chic thing going on, and you don’t have to shave your legs to wear them. All good things. But finding a pair that fits my 5’0 frame? I’ve decided that it’s pretty much impossible.

If you’re a shorty like me, you probably deal with this also. Jeans are constantly too long on me! The majority of jeans I try on are literally long enough to cover my feet and STILL have more leg room. Or, they almost fit, except not really, because all of the extra material just bunches up around my ankles and looks dumb.

I know what you’re probably thinking: well then buy petite sizes, Jessica. Um, I do. But I honestly don’t know who they’re making these petite sizes for, because even those are too long for me. Do denim companies realize that there are grown adults out there who are 5’0 and under and they like jeans also?

And when I do finally find a store that carries petite sizes that actually work for my height, I still can’t get lucky: most of the time these stores only have a few select styles and colors in petites, and only a handful of different number sizes. There’s barely any selection. I can walk past rows of fun, interesting jeans, and then only have about three to choose from that will actually fit me. I feel like I’m missing out on so many denim possibilities. It stinks.

I know that I can just buy regular jeans and get them hemmed, but do you have any idea how annoying that is? Not only do I have to spend $80 on brand new jeans, but then I have to go to a seamstress and pay even more money just so that they fit. It takes more time and effort and frankly, I’m either too busy/too lazy to do it.

This may sound like a super lame problem to every lucky girl out there who doesn’t have to struggle to find a good pair of jeans, but trust me… it’s not lame. It’s really annoying and frustrating. What’s wrong with making a few extra petite jeans? What’s wrong with making them actually petite? When I was in high school, the fact that I couldn’t find jeans that fit me really bummed me out. It made me feel bad about being short, like it was something that was totally abnormal and I didn’t deserve a good pair of denim unless I had long legs to fill it out. And I love being short, so I hated feeling that way.

The only comfort is knowing that I’m not alone. Every woman in my family is tiny like me, so we all have the same jeans problem, and the same goes for my best friends. Oh, and tall girls don’t always have it easy either. One day, when I was complaining about my jean problem to a co-worker, a super tall girl I worked with overheard. She said, “At least you can hem them. I’m so tall that jeans are too short on me, and there’s nothing I can do about that.”

So this is a plea to all denim companies out there: please start making more jeans for both short and tall girls, and start making our lives easier. Please!

Do you have this problem with jeans? Are you too short or too tall for most sizes? What do you hate the most about back to school shopping? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Joshua Hays

    A bit late coming to this, but even as a guy they no longer size 30 length the same way and i learned to hem pants myself. 30 in guy size is now “styled” in a way where i literally walk on the end of my pants if i don’t hem it. Good luck finding anything under 29, and that too is also ridiculous. May as well go to no pockets to go with this new impractical style. Last time i checked 5’7″ isn’t unusually short.

  • Akriti

    Same is the problem with me. I’m 5.1, and i never find jeans the fit perfectly. I always get a lot of these wrinkly creases in the bottom which is really annoying. I can’t do anything with it. if i fold it in, it looks so weird! It’s really frustrating. So to solve my problem I’ve started wearing printed leggings and high waist jeggings …. That is all i can do. 🙁

  • Naomi

    I just got back from back to school shopping…I was dreading it because I never find anything that fits…This trip actually went very well and found two pair of jeans that fit perfectly (form Maurices.) I got the x-short size and standing at 5 feet tall, with a 29 inch inseam the jeans are only 1 inch past my heel! It’s great and I definitely recommend them.

    • Crystal

      They no longer sell extra short jeans at maurices and it is the only place i have found that sells jeans short enough for me!

  • Rina

    Although I have a normal height (168 cm), my jeans still are WAY too long and I don’t get why.
    Standing next to other girls of the same height my legs don’t even look thaaaat short. But their jeans fit and mine don’t. I hate looking for a fitting pair of jeans because there are none. Literally none. My hips are rather broad and my legs seem to magically be too short in some not-understandable way, and even those few short jeans that are produced are slightly too long. It’s frustrating in every way.
    Not to mention that it seems like I have lost weight and am a bit thinner now and should desperately buy new jeans but can’t bring myself to thanks to the size problem.

  • Shakers

    I’m 5.5 with short legs, Its almost impossible to find jeans that I don’t have to hem. A friend put me on to GapKids jeans, the size 16 girls jeans fit perfectly, and they’re much cheaper than adult jeans. I’ve gotten past the embarrassment at shopping in the kids department 🙂

  • Betsy

    I’m 5 ft tall and can totally relate to your problem. I have found a few brands that make a petite short and they usually work for me with a small heel. The brand INC that Macy’s sells, makes a petite short jean. I have 3 pair in different styles.

  • Matt

    I’m a guy so it might be weird if you see my comment. But anyway, I have the same problem except it’s even worse. All the jeans out there are always too long. If I want the jeans to be a good length, I can’t button them. It’s so fustrating! I have been told I am not fat. I have been told by my friends and family that I don’t have short legs.
    Old Navy jeans (actually all their clothes) are the worst. Their jeans are literally 4 inches too long. I have a pair of their super skinny jeans and it is so long it goes under my heel and it’s hard to walk. Even with shoes it is so long it bulges at the knee.
    My younger and shorter brother doesn’t have a problem finding jeans though, his jeans are a bit short or not long.
    I am 14 years old, Canadian-Born Chinese guy. I am 5’3.5. I am very short. I’m even shorter than my mom and dad. I started puberty early so I guess I won’t grow much. I didn’t experience much growth in height since I started puberty. Maybe only once when I was 12.

  • Kaitlyn

    Im 5ft and a size 9 so trust I have the problem of fitting in length but not in waist or vice versa and it sucks. but I just have to deal with it because I’m done growing and I just hit the gym to where I can get the length and height coincide with each other!!! and I a lot of people I know do not know my or other people’s struggle like this.

  • Sophia

    i have the very exact problem. and when i find jeans that fit there’s like 2 colors

  • Autumn

    Ok guys please don’t complain. I’m 5’4 and I’m still growing, NO jeans fit me. I’m a size 00 waist but a size 2 length. I always have to hide my floods under Uggs or long boots all winter. But trust me I am not complaining about it. I love my body and all the troubles it puts me through. I wish everyone else could be optimistic.

  • Megan

    I have the exact same problem.. Im only 4’10” and my mom thinks that im done growing. :/ I love being short, but i absolutely hate shopping for jeans. It doesnt matter if i get them in the ‘short’ length, they’re still always too long. They bunch up at the bottom in skinny jeans too.. Ive just learned how to deal with it.