The Lazy Girls Guide To Getting His Attention

Getting his attention isn’t easy–unless you’re a Lazy Girl. That extra fine hottie will be yours in no time and you won’t even have to talk to him! Letting him know that you’re available and interested without having to muster up the courage to have an awkward convo isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need is a few grand gestures, a sneaky attitude, and these 10 easy tips that will SURELY get his attention.

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  • Deven

    These ideas are so horribly sad XD OH MY GOD! I did thoroughly enjoy reading it.

  • William

    I some how got to this website by a bad link from Spark notes. Any way as a male I thought I would give my opinion.

    1. It does work and it has been done to me lots of time.
    2. I would feel sorry for you, but I think it would be pretty strange to chat up a girl who has serious problems.
    3. It works and I have done it to girls too.
    4. Depending on person but it would be a no, from me.
    5. Down right weird.
    6. I would probally laugh, but i wouldnt take it seriously.
    7. I would call 999 or 911 (as you Americans seem to call it).
    8. Dressing up wouldn’t hurt, unless your a female acitivist.
    9. To be honest if your looking at this site to find love, you have come to the wrong place. Love cannot be bought on ebay or found on the internet. Because you have to really get to know them first.
    10. Number 10, definetly!

  • uzi

    Robbing his homework might be an actual option….jk. Maybe I’ll go for the billboard instead. Much more doable.

  • Diana

    Hahaa This is hilarious! I thought they were going to give my REAL ADVICE, but haha they fooled mee!! Yes girls…some things on this website are meant to be witty and funny!

  • Amanda

    Haha some of you people are taking this waaay to seriously. Its supposed to be creepy advice! Calm down people it’s a joke!