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Confidence and self-esteem are some tricky suckers. Every person on earth struggles with finding the balance between being true to themselves, taking pride in their appearance, and feeling awesome all at the same time. It’s tough, but a recent study has found a pretty easy way for girls to boost their self-esteem: high heels.

If you’ve ever seen a divaliscious, chica click-clacking in a pair of 6-inch stilletos and felt a tad bit intimidated (I am guilty as charged), there’s a reason for it. A study by footcare company Compeed has shown that British women wear heels (on average 3.3 inch heels) much higher than women of Spain, Denmark, Germany and France. They also found that the British women were generally more confident and assertive.

Here’s the kicker, “Research has suggested that a tall woman is considered more assertive, confident, richer, capable, successful, independent and even more intelligent than their shorter peers,” psychologist Emma Kenny said.

We know, we know, this makes absolutely NO SENSE. There are a ton of studies that illustrate how taller people get a lot more respect than shorter folks. We have no clue why but it must be some primitive, psychological response to a larger (scarier) species. You know, like how you have to stand real tall and make yourself look bigger when you see a bear. Bigger = Intimidating = Maybe I need to be nice so they won’t EAT me.

Ignoring the obvious short people prejudice (not cool!), think of it this way: when people perceive you as more confident and capable they start to treat you that way. When people show you respect (that you deserve regardless of what you look like!) you’ll start to feel a lot better about yourself. You’ll become more confident and in turn, people will perceive you that way, making you even more confident. It’s a not-so-vicious cycle of sweet, sweet self-esteem.

Personally, I don’t wear heels (I love cool shoes, but I cannot walk in heels!) and I wouldn’t advise anyone who didn’t want to wear them to do so. But if you wanted to give them a shot or if you want to conduct a little experiment and see if people do treat you better when you’re 4 inches taller–then I say go for it! Heels might be the little pick-me-up you need to get the courage to talk to your crush, go to that job interview or give that scary presentation!

Do you wear heels? Would you wear them to boost your confidence? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Taylor

    I love heels. I’m 16 and barley 4’11 so even some younger people tower over me. I got my first pair of high heels in my freshman year of high school. When I put them on it’s like I was a whole different person, my admitted changed. I was more confident, assertive, and all around awesome.

  • Anna

    Finally, a use for being 5’8!