Kristen Stewart Wants To Get Him Back . . . Is It Ever Worth It?

get him back kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart hid her relationship with Robert Pattinson before, but now she’s very publicly trying to get him back. | Source

Kristen Stewart has come under a whole lot of fire since word–and photos–got out that she cheated on Robert Pattinson with her married director, Rupert Sanders. She even issued a public apology to R-Patz, despite previously never officially even acknowledging their relationship in an effort to get him back. She’s now stepping her game up by stepping out. This time, though, she’s not stepping out with a skeevy, older, married father–she’s stepping out in Rob’s clothes.

Kristen Stewart has been sporting Rob’s Baltimore Orioles cap as well as a gold ring that he gave her. Since the girl is one of the world’s highest paid actresses, chances are it’s more an effort to get him back than it is a lack of other wardrobe options. Experts over at Hollywood Life even said that Kristen wearing Rob’s duds is likely her way of trying to keep Rob close to her, with one even gushing, “Kristen Stewart is still wearing Rob Pattinson’s hat and ring because she cannot imagine her life without him!”

While we totally feel for her broken heart–granted, we feel much worse for Rob’s (so does Jon Stewart!)–we’re not entirely sure if trying to get him back is the best idea.

Trying to get a guy back in general is a roll of the dice. If you and a dude split up and you’re determined to get him back, you need to take a look at why you want him back before you take any kind of action. Are you lonely? Is the thought of adjusting to life without him too much for you to think about? Do you hate being single? If the answers to these questions are “yes,” take a step back and think about why your relationship ended in the first place. Chances are one or more of you were unhappy, right? Is that something you really want to go back to?

In the case of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, chances are she was really unhappy, which is why her trying to get him back seems a little weird to us, even though he is one of the hottest guys on the planet right now. Think about it: If you were satisfied in your relationship, would you mess around with someone else? Someone else who’s married with kids? In a car? When paparazzi follow you everywhere you go? It really sounds to us like Kristen Stewart was trying to sabotage her own relationship with Rob, so the fact that she’s trying so hard to get him back may be a symptom of her fear of being alone–or of her career going down the tube (which, for the record, we think is totally unfair, because we kinda think Rupert Sanders seems like a huge scumbag for going after a younger girl that was working for him). While it’d be awesome for Bella and Edward’s real-life counterparts to be together forever, Kristen Stewart dealt such a huge blow to Robert Pattinson’s trust that it may be hard for her to ever get him back, even though he reportedly adored everything about her.

get him back kristen stewart

No word on whether R-Pattz is going to take K-Stew back … yet. | Source

That said, if you really do miss an ex and want to get him back, you both need to go into things honestly: The two of you need to be willing to recognize, take responsibility for, and work on the problems that plagued your relationship in the first place. Otherwise you may wind up in exactly the same situation again!

Do you think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart should get back together? Do you think Kristen Stewart should keep trying to get him back, or that she should let Robert Pattinson make the moves? Did you ever miss an ex and try to get him back? How’d you do it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Aliece Marie

    what i know about love is alot move than alot of these young people do I know that just because you gave someone a kiss i kow its not cheating and if all the people in the world would say that they have never gave a kiss to anyone they would be lying to me Cheating is someone who go,s to bed with someone else knowing that he re she has someoneelse in there life and knowing that if they found out about it it would truly hurt them for reason that none of us would truly know now that,s a Cheater but all of this going around about Kristen is such a bunch of crap they only did this to make something out of nothing ,and that is just what it is Nothing, they have hurt 2 young people very much,all though i have been thinking that Robert Pattinson seems not to be hurting that much ,as Kristen Stewart is really hurting ,now i have said that , I have been cheated on and yes it really hurts and it happens more in life than people want to say ,but it happens, some of us find out, and there are many that do not know that they have Cheated on ,and it go’s that way alot i did not fall in love till i was 29 years old, I know thats old huh LoL, any way one thing i do know that when you truly love someone is that you are not going to just up and say You Cheated, its over just because someone else said you did , i know in the life tht Robert and Kristen have Pictures can be Changed people Splice them all the time top make them look the way they want them to, I do not belive that Kristen did anything to really put herself where she is at now, I do know that if Robert would just sit down and listen he would see this to but he cant even do this this to me seems to be kind of funny because he say’s he loves her and yet he will not listen to her , Because to love a person that love becomes one and that is a bond that can really never be Broken to just walk away from it Question who was in love and who was not anyway just to let you know when i found out i the man i was in love with did this to me i was mad and for days jsut keep thinking about it and i thought if i walk away from all of this and what if it never happened again because we all make mistakes because we are Human, and 30 years down the road i run into him i would be wondering about what would of happened if i would of stayed well i know that answer because i did stay and we are still together today and it never happened again this may not happen for everyone in life but there are a few that it has . Kristen i know you truly love Robert but think if he truly love you the way he has said why wont he listen may because or not ,I know that you need to get off your butt and get back to being you take off for awile get way from where you are at and find yourself again Quit wondering about what he is doing or going to do doing what you are doing now is the easy way out when you decide to get off your butt and this feel sorry for ones self you made a mistake we all make those when you decide to do something you are always welcome to come out to the Mountians in Colorado stay a couple weeks to get away No one here would ever bother you Now get off your butt and to hell what others think of you . You know who you are

  • Ashley

    She should not win Patterson back because she was not only cheating on him, but using him. She also used her director to get what she wanted not to forget he was married and had 2 young kids of his own she should go die in a hole!!