10 Ways You’re Creeping Him Out…Without Even Meaning To!

I’ll say it: I’m one of the creepiest girls I know. I don’t mean to be—I just have a weird sense of humor (that my friends totally get!) and can’t quite grasp that what’s LOL to my girls is totally WTF to most boys I date. I’m also a total romantic and just an eensy bit dramatic—I blame you, Katherine Heigl movies!

Over the years I’ve learned to dial down the creepster factor and learned the hard way that certain things are MAJORLY weirding boys out. Read on and 1) don’t scream at me in the comments and call me a moron. Seriously stop doing that and get a life. And 2) Ask yourself if you or your BFFs are guilty of any of these kinda creepy moves—Taylor Swift, are you listening?

What do you think is creepy in relationships? Tell me in the comments!

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  • ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

    There is one exception about the hanging out with his friends part. I mean, they don’t really belong to anyone, and what if you were friends with them before? Or even just really get along with a few of them beside the fact that they’re associated with him? Good job on this, though! It’s really helpful

  • Jacqueline

    I dont do anything these creepy things and im still single for days !!

  • Christy

    This goes for guys too…my current “boyfriend” (we’ve been on 3 dates) is already calling me pet names, being way over the top in his smary comments that makes me think he’s desperate and perhaps stalker potential. The bottom line to this advice – is no one likes someone who is so desperate that you are the sole reason for their existence. Don’t date until you have a life of your own.

  • Jen

    Ok a bit late to the party but LMFAO at the poster above reminding us that pseudo-intellectual judges on high JEZEBEL would characterize something as “archaic and narrow minded” (and then completely miss everyone stifling their laughter). While peddling petulant middle-class pee-wee politics as something other than the most complacent sect of lipstick feminism and being about as inclusive as your average transparently self-obsessed discussion overheard in a high school bathroom stall. Don’t try dressing up vacant pop culture abstractions and oversharing, self-celebritizing tripe as worldly commentary compared to anything written here.

  • amy

    I think what she meant by girls who try and snuggle up to their bf’s friends was those situations where going into the relationship the girl never even met his friends, then a week later is trying to go to the movies with them (without him) or trying to plan some random activity with his friends

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  • Natalie

    Wow, people are taking things way to personally.

    Everything single thing on this list is on point. Everyone that currently disagrees, with age, will soon find these to be true.

    • chandu


  • doglover18

    To all the people with hurtful and rude comments:
    Really, did you not read Shallon’s request for everyone to not scream at her and call her a moron?!?! Yes she wasn’t specific on what not to comment about… BUT gosh people get some class!! Someone took the time to write this and put herself out there for others to possibly benefit from. Your opinions could really cause a person damage you know.

    PS: Shallon thanks for sharing. This article was enlightening and interesting. 🙂

  • Wally

    Truthfully the old saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. This article as well as others, even books are created by the author to inform not to invoke abominable backwash you call your opinion. Please just keep your negative feedback to yourself next time and praise this author for writing this article even though she knew that most of these comments would surface. If it means anything to you Miss Shallon Lester, I enjoyed your article.

  • kayleigh

    Oops number eight. Sorry hun but if you dont like me because of me being in love with a celebrity than fuck you.(:

    • ebony

      you aren’t going to love that celebrity for long xD

  • Hadley M.

    HA! This is terrible advice, your monolithic representation of men is laughable and shows how little you know about them. This shit is the stuff you would see Jezebel making fun of for being so archaic and narrow minded.