What’s Your Unicorn Name? Yes, You Have One.

For years, I’ve kept my true and awesome unicorn identity hidden, but now the truth must come out. My name is not really Melanie Abrahams . . . it is Tulip Candy Reins, according to this wonderful (and very scientific) Unicorn Name Generator.

In the world of unicorns, we are all far more magical, floral, and delicious. I highly suggest you find your true unicorn identity. Like, right now.

In the meantime, let’s watch listen to this amazing song about unicorns by um, a band called The Unicorns:

What was your unicorn name?! Was it better than mine? Tell me in the comments!

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  • jazzyh54

    Peachy Charming Girl………

  • Hey xx I love unicorns

    I’ve got a despicable me 2 unicorn I don’t know what 2 name it tho help me think of a name plz people xx

  • Asuma

    Does anybody know how this name generator is scientific? I was curious because yes I am that serious about unicorns.

    • Hey xx I love unicorns

      Unicorns r really don’t dis them plz

  • kessie

    Heather Delightful Reins 🙂

  • Chloe


  • Sophie

    Bluebell Snowy Lady. Beat that!

    • Bailey

      Orchid Fair Nostrils

  • Carrie

    Poppy Golden Nostrils
    Poppy is quick-witted and bright as a spark.
    She is as golden as a sunrise,
    and she dances in clouds of falling stars.


  • uberestrella

    Helleborine Celestial Ears… ears of corn

  • Bingoingo

    Champion Celestial Saddle

    yes, just yes

  • val

    plum sparkle nostrils …. Nostrils ? reallly ?

  • Morgan

    Tulip Pretty Lady….that’s kind of dumb

  • Kid Omega

    My God. I discovered the Unicorns a few years ago. Then they mentioned them on HIMYM and now here! Other people will know of their existence!

  • Haley Williams

    Lavender darling nostrils… yeah, no.

  • Jessie

    Snapdragon Misty Reins

  • sarah

    lavender pretty lady… good grief -.-

  • Curiousitydoesntkill

    Helleborine Golden Saddle

  • simsam685

    That awkward moment when you have this song on your ipod