10 High Schools From Hell

Anyone who has gone through it knows that high school can be hell. Not only is your body changing, but teenagers can get pretty nasty with each other when it comes to relationships, friends, and appearances. High school is something that most of us will look back on with a conflicting bittersweetness of both angst and hella fun times. Even at its worst we’re still glad we didn’t go to any of these schools.

The murder, magic, and evil creatures at these schools makes our high school days look like a trip to the candy store.

William McKinley High School (Glee)

Everyone is so super talented–and horrible to each other! Yeah, all colors, creeds, shapes and sizes are welcome at William McKinley, but only because they can see past your outside and into your evil core!

North Shore High School (Mean Girls)

High school hierarchies are sucky enough, but at North Shore you’re constantly being manipulated, humiliated and people rudely ask, “Why are you White?”

Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

Sure you get to be a wizard, but in the end you’ll probably die. All you wanted to do was get your secondary education, but no, some dude named Harry keeps screwing it up.

Degrassi High (Degrassi: The Next Generation)

Kids get stabbed, shot, tarred and feathered, addicted to drugs, face eating disorders, pregnancy, homophobia, cutting, and the list goes on. Each week some kid is facing a new major issue. I would transfer because of the dramz.

Rosewood High (Pretty Little Liars)

A secret murder mystery is going on (while you’re in math class) and just a little too many of the kids in school are involved.

Bates High School (Carrie)

People make fun of you for getting your period . . . so naturally, you murder them all at prom. Dude, I wasn’t even mean to you and I still have to die?

Forks High School (Twilight)

What’s worse, going to school with vampires or trying your hardest to befriend Bella Swan even though she is completely disinterested in being your BFF? I’m going with the latter.

Sunnydale High (Buffy)

Just your regular high school–oh wait, it’s an actual HELLMOUTH. Sure school isn’t weird enough without it being a supernatural portal for evil creatures who want to eff up your day! Fantastic.

Westerburg High School (Heathers)

The popular clique can be really annoying, but I’m not sure murdering them and pretending it was suicide is really the best solution.

Pleasantville High (Big Wolf On Campus)

I don’t know if you remember Big Wolf On Campus, but going to school with some goofy werewolf who is always battling some kooky demonic creature isn’t exactly going to raise my GPA.

Which high school would you want to go to? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Stellaluna

    Beacon Hills High School in Teen Wolf is horrible,tons of students are dead or missing and most of the teachers get killed off at some point.

  • Kid Omega


  • River

    Strange, but I already feel like I go to Degrassi High…weird…

  • misslmh11

    I would STILL go to Mckinely High! I want to be Rachel Berry’s best friend.

  • Lucie

    what about the one from high school musical. Sure, all that singing and dancing sounds fun. At first. But wouldn’t it get really anoying after awhile, when half way through a maths lesson, everyone just keeps bursting into song. Besides, what if you can’t sing!

    • Jamie

      Thats what auto tune is for.

  • Claudia

    Thank you for including Westerburg! I was ready through this waiting for that. I love Heathers.