Your Complete Guide To Back To School Prep

back to school prep

Keeping organized may seem like a pain, but it will make your life so much easier! | Source

Now that you know what supplies you need, get organized. Binders are a great way to keep papers in order, because you can keep your notes and handouts in one place, instead of flipping through a million notebooks and folders.

Snag book covers or paper bags to make your own (also fun to doodle on when you’re bored on the bus!), and make sure you have a great supply of pens and pencils–because you know for sure that if you let someone “borrow” one, you’ll never see it again. You may want a tiny bag or case to keep them in so you don’t have to dig all through your bag right before a test!

Other things to stock up on now (while they’re probably on sale!) so you don’t have to worry about them later: Loose leaf paper, printer paper, printer ink, and poster board.

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  • Jinger

    I’m homeschooled so I dont have to worry

  • cindy

    can you guys also do an ”how to do new friends at school”? I’m in high school and I’m with the same people in all classes. But we already have our own little groups from middle school, but even I have talked with some of them but still don’t find how to get to know the others. Also there is people from other groups that I find interesting but have NO IDEA of how and what to talk with them. What if I seem like a freak when I aproach to them directly and sat something stupid (that is very probably to happen)? Even with my own bestfriends there are these moments with such an awkward silence that happens to me very much and I just feel like dying 😐 I think I’m a very socially awkward person :'[

    • Afrogal

      lol me too, most people think its because im mean , but its realy bcuz i kinda have low self esteem and im socially awkward i want ppl to know tht im nice, but im shy like crazy shy and its making me miss out on a lot of things, itz ok to be shy, but not to shy

    • Lizzy

      Cindy , we moved to another town which im going to start high school in a few days ! I dont know anyone , im not that social kinda person either i just think that ‘ being a nice person always works , who hates nice polite and cheerful people right ? So try to be nice to others dont try to change yourself DONT ! If you be good to people they will be good to you 😉 try that hoped it helpes ! Xxx

    • Ash

      First rule: Be yourself, Be Yourself, Be Yourself. Love something let it show it’s a great way to meet people.
      Second rule: it’s ok to ask someone if you want they want to hang out (trust me I had to learn this in college). in fact you can ask someone what they think of the Novel you’re reading in English and they’ll answer.
      Third Rule: Not everybody belongs in singular group. Meaning that you can go to the Library and find amazing friends to hang out with.
      Fourth Rule: Its ok to say something stupid, everybody in the world says something stupid (no matter what age… Best one I did was say Cheese in the middle of Art History course). Smile and laugh it off.
      Fifth Rule: Go look at those after school clubs, you will find friends.
      Sixth Rule: Don’t freak out (people are a lot nicer than you think)
      Seventh Rule: Be Safe, if you decide to hang out with someone and they give off a weird vibe call home and wait outside.

  • Alexis

    I wish I still had time to get stuff for school. I started on the eighth! D:

  • Becca

    …that’s great, but I’ve been at school for three days already. :/

    • Maite