I’m Scared To Lose My Virginity. How Do I Deal?

Losing Your Virginity

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dancefreak2312 said:

I’ve been in a serious relationship for a while now and I really want to have sex with my boyfriend. We’re already engaged, so I know that he’s the person I want to lose it to, but I’m afraid of the pain that comes with it. Now that I’ve found the right guy, I really wanna overcome my fear. But there’s always the thought in the back of my mind on how much it will hurt.

He’s very “big”, and I know that is usually a good thing, but it’s not really soothing right now. I made the mistake yesterday of watching a virgin pornography, and there was blood. A LOT of it, in my opinion. So I think I just made my fear worse. I was wondering if you girls had any advice to give me and if you can even tell me about your experience losing your virginity. So that maybe I can see it’s not that scary at all. Thanks.

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So, um… what exactly IS virginity?

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  • Shulk

    In truth I’m 29 year old virgin & frankly don’t give a damn. Besides it’s not like there’s a woman who could understand a person like me with Aspergers anyway. Considering there’s so many social rules then I might as well forget ever losing my virginity it will never happen & the woman who was my gf that I wanted to lose it to is back at home with her control freak of a mother.

    Forget losing my virginity & besides it’s not worth it. Not even with the same sex since I’m also Bisexual & no I’m not confused or greedy.

  • buhle

    I want 2 lose mi virginity 2 mi bf b4 he goes 2 de camp so should i ask for it o wat

  • sweetheart

    Yeah babes…. u will nt hve that much pain. Belive me… first tym i was also afraid bt nw i am dying to have sex. Just go on slowly…. n u’ll be in ….really….