Can He Tell When You Fake It?

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Q: Are there ways a guy can tell if I’m faking an orgasm?

ChickRx Expert Amy Levine, MA, CSE, Sex Coach and Founder of Ignite Your Pleasure says

Not really, which is why so many guys are fooled. There are general signs of the orgasm phase of sexual response. However, since it’s possible to act some of them out, it’s usually enough to convince him.

Think about it. In addition to the physical satisfaction of getting it on, it feels good for guys to know they’re able to get their partner off. Just like it makes us feel good to know we can do it for them. So, it’s likely your guy won’t question you.

The real deal usually includes contractions of the pelvic muscles, uterus, vagina and anus (or, a combination these areas), heavier breathing, increased heart rate and blood pressure, sex flush (reddening of the skin in certain spots like your chest), and loss of muscle control as the build up of sexual tension is released. If you’re giving an Academy “O”ward winning performance, you’ll likely be able to pull it off by mimicking the rapid contractions by doing Kegels, quickening your breath and forcing your body to quiver. Typically, facial expressions and moans are part of orgasmic response and can be simulated as well.

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[/caption]After the “climax” is the resolution phase, which has it’s own characteristics. Basically, your body begins to relax and returns to the “unaroused” state. At this point, he’s likely not investigating your body for signs.

While a guy can definitely experience a range of feelings–like betrayal, hurt, frustration, anger, disappointment, resentfulness, etc.– if he finds out you’re “faking it,” it’s really important to realize you’re sabotaging your own sexual pleasure. And, that’s upsetting. Instead, understand it’s perfectly natural not to climax every sack session, and that orgasms can be as quick as a sneeze to something that’s more earth-shattering. If you’re faking it because you never had the Big “O,” know it’s possible to learn and you’ll only enjoy sex more if you communicate with your partner honestly.

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