Help – How Do I Get A Boyfriend?!

How do I get a boyfriend

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Dear Heather,

I am tired of being single and I want to be in a relationship. The only problem is that I don’t know how to make a boy be interested in me. I’m not a glam girl…just a simple girl. I’m so tired of being single and I desperately want a good boyfriend. Please, please help me Heather!

Here’s the thing, girl: I can’t really help you find a boyfriend. Unfortunately, there isn’t a store full of perfect boyfriends where you can pick and choose what you want (although how great would it be if there were?!). Finding a boyfriend has nothing to do with being glamorous or looking a certain way – it has to do with finding a guy who you click with. Sometimes it just takes a while to find that, and that’s perfectly normal.

However, there are a few tips I can give you. The most important tip? Don’t be afraid to talk to guys! I know that boys can seem super scary (especially that one you’re crushing on), but I promise that the majority of them are easy to talk to. Maybe you can’t talk to dudes exactly how you talk to your girlfriends, but you can still joke around with them or complain about the latest homework assignment. Find a common interest you have with your crush (you both like the same band? Perfect!) and talk to him about it.

You just need to put yourself out there. You can pretty much meet a guy anywhere (I met my boyfriend in the parking lot of a market, okay?), so just be friendly and open to meeting new people. Go out with your friends to the mall, the movies, a fair…whatever. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with a cute guy, laugh at a joke you overhear some dude telling his friends or just start up a conversation about something totally random. In case you haven’t heard, guys absolutely love confidence in a girl. From what I hear, it’s what attracts them the most. Be yourself and show guys just how awesome you really are.

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But listen up, girl: you should never spend every minute of your life searching for a boyfriend. One, that’s never going to make you happy and two, it doesn’t work that way. If all you do is think about how much you want a BF, you’re never going to have any fun and you might even ending up scaring off a few guys. Relax, go out and do the things that make you happy. Don’t think about a potential boyfriend whenever you meet a guy. As lame as this might sound, you usually meet the perfect guy when you least expect it.

Please don’t spend all of your time stressing over being single. Sure, having a boyfriend can be great. But guess what? Being single can be just as great. I promise! There’s absolutely no reason to rush into any kind of relationship. If it happens, it happens, and that’s awesome! But never settle for less than you deserve or for a dude you don’t even like that much just so that you can change your relationship status on Facebook. Your life is about so much more than being someone’s girlfriend.

take care,

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  • justforyou !!!!

    I’m 20 years old and single… I need gf.. If anyone is interested contact me

  • RG

    I am RG(a girl) 17 years. No BOyfriend since birth an I want to have now! If you think I am being desperate? Yes I am! Don’t worry, I have a long patience. I need a boyfriend. Now. if u see this. Email me



    • justforyou !!!!

      Hey I’m sharma and single too… If ur interested then Dm me on instagram my username is sharma_vishal

  • Rizbin Rahi

    Hey i need a girlfriend right no who will be my my girlfriend say me now



  • OmegaGirlCx

    Ikr I hate being single. I mean I’ve been single for 2 years now and I’m so depressed.. I mean the last person I dated was my gf Vanessa and we broke up because she said she felt like I didn’t care about her but I loved her I always texted her every night and day and we would do every thing together but after she broke up with me she instantly had another gf… So yea I just wish I could have that one boy or girl that could fix my broken heart. But I’m sure that’s never gonna happen. Bur like I have been asked out manyyyy of times but the ppl just aren’t my type i just don’t know what to do right now. Someone plz help.!

  • shemi

    I want a girlfriend on fb. add me.

  • Mpilo

    Yah every 1 needs a man nd i think its so sweet to find one we all know dt true luv is hrd to fnd bt dnt worry the right 1 wll cum at the ryt tym nd u shall hv grt tyms wth ur mr right

  • sara

    hate my life!I never will get a boyfriend:(

    • wasim

      I want a girl who love me very much true

    • Sahlan

      Hi ilike this name sar do u like me

  • safa slama

    i`m from tunisia ,i`m 14 years old i want to have a boyfriend from 14 to 17 years old plz help me.

    • roshan

      i dont now



  • girlgirl411

    be you, don’t worry about your appearance, nor if you are a nerd. I was hopeless then boys started flocking to me, now i have to choose between 2 of em’. don’t change for him either, be you and be honest, he should love you for it, if not, kick hi to the curb. also, pray about it, God will lead you to his guy for you. hang in there and don’t be too impulsive, take things slow and let it flow.

  • Rose

    You wait!

    No point in rushing it!

    I have a…..lets say facebook friend that i met in my 2 month trip this summer. she’s 15 and has big dreams and wants a boyfriend and blablabla. she some how managed to get a boyfriend that is 19. and after whining about wanting one she now says : I dont even really like him. she’s with him to have a relationship status change on facebook.

    Honestly thats lame.

    I met my boyfriend last year at work. we’re both 20 and he’s my first boyfriend. best guy ever. Waiting and becoming friends before = best relationship a girl can ask for.

    my facebook friend’s boyfriend — is someone she has known for a couple of days then BAM boyfriend? MEH.

    I’dd rather be single than in her situation.