Crisis Pregnancy Centers Suck The Big One. Here’s Why.

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Crisis pregnancy centers sell false information to scared girls. Not cool. | Source

Okay, hypothetical situation time. Imagine you had sex. You used protection, but the condom broke, or your birth control pills failed. You panic and think you might be pregnant–so you take a pregnancy test . . . And you’re pregnant. And scared. In a situation like that, you want someone to turn to, because hello, this is a crisis, and you need to think about all your options. When you’re looking around for somewhere to go and someone to help, you stumble across something called a crisis pregnancy center. That sounds safe and like a nonjudgmental place to think over your options and make the best decision for you, right?

Wrong. Here’s why you should never go to one, and why one state is trying to limit how they can advertise their services.

Crisis pregnancy centers are not what they sound like. On the surface, crisis pregnancy centers pretty much advertise themselves as full-service reproductive health clinics, similar to a Planned Parenthood center. However, crisis pregnancy centers actually are funded by religious groups and are designed to actually dissuade you from getting abortions or using birth control.

Aside from their false advertising practices, crisis pregnancy centers also use other shady practices. They provide factually false information on abortion procedures and birth control to girls who go there seeking help in a dramatic and possibly traumatic time in their lives. How can you make an informed decision when the people who are supposed to be helping you are deliberately lying to you and telling you the wrong thing? What’s more, crisis pregnancy centers often hold little to no regard for confidentiality–which means, when you’re dealing with something you’d probably want to keep very private, they have no issues with putting your life on blast.

What may be the worst thing about crisis pregnancy centers is that they are a waste of time–and in situations like an unplanned pregnancy, time is incredibly important. Regardless of whether you choose to keep the baby or abort it, you need as much time as you can get to not only make your choice, but to go through with whatever it is–especially if you want to get an abortion, since depending on where you live, you may not be able to get one after a certain point. And that’s exactly what crisis pregnancy centers are going for.

Thankfully, an appeals court in Baltimore is hearing a case about crisis pregnancy centers, and if the original case is overturned, crisis pregnancy centers within Baltimore will be required to post a sign within their offices saying that they “do not provide or make referrals for abortion or comprehensive birth control services.” Similar measures were passed in New York City, Austin, Texas, and San Francisco.

Please know that we’re not trying to tell you what to believe, nor are we trying to steer you more towards one decision than another. We just want whatever decision you make to be one that is informed and that is best for you. Even if you disagree with abortion on a moral or spiritual level–and dude, that’s totally fine, and that’s your right–almost all beliefs and creeds disagree with deception, and that’s what crisis pregnancy centers are really selling.

What do you think about crisis pregnancy centers? Should they have to change what they call themselves? Should they be allowed to lie to people? Tell us in the comments!

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  • MJ

    How exactly do you know that all pregnancy crisis centers are cruel, judgmental, and dishonest?That’s a sweeping accusation and it just makes you the writer seem dishonest and biased against pcc’s. Because you are pro-choice I presume? These centers are a great resource for girls and women who are looking into other options besides abortion, or simply want help. Of course they are not going to hold a girl’s hand while she gets an abortion, or let her know where the nearest abortion clinic is located. They are generally run by pro-life groups and individuals, so they are not going to encourage abortion. They will provide resources and information for girls who are thinking of keeping or adopting the baby. That’s what they are there for. I do agree that shaming a young or teen mom is not the way to go, so I hope that they don’t ever use that as a tactic.

  • Adrienne

    I am very against abortion, but like you said, lying is not acceptable. To everyone out their, don’t blame all Christians because some ‘Christians’ are not at all good people. I’m pretty sure a lot of murderers are atheists, but it’s not like you’re responsible!!

  • Jasmine

    My BFF when we were in sixth grade she went to a dance and had sex with her crush and when she went to see the doctor she was going to have triplets then she went to crisis pregnancy center then they told that’s a sin to have an abortion and that you will go to hell

  • basschick

    it is good to know this. although religion is not bad, i feel like this organization being led by religion does create a closed mind situation. during a pregnancy scare, everything should be open minded.

  • Katrina

    I think that ALL crisis pregnancy centers are being categorized into something that was due to the actions of a few bad eggs. The CPC in my town is very forthright and would never lie to a woman just to make her miss the window for getting an abortion. In fact, I know of several of my friends who have been there, decided on an abortion anyway, and were never lied to about it. At some point we have to only punish the ones who are doing the lying, and quit making them all out to be these terrible deceiving people as a whole.

  • Ashley

    I disagree with the author of this article! There are countless amazing pregnancy crisis centers out there who offer the best care for girls in trouble. Most of them dont believe in abortion. AND I THINK THATS AWESOME!!! Did you know way more gurls are killed by abortion than boys. How’s that for women’s rights? Planned Parenthood makes 90% of their profits from abortion… From killing infants! Come on girls! When is our generation gonna stand up and say this stuff is just flat out WRONG?!?

    • Morgan

      No….you’re dumb….Abortion isn’t wrong at all…..that is your opinion….not everyones

      • Adrienne

        I think sex outside of marriage is wrong, but that’s my decision based on my religious beliefs and I don’t care what others do with THEIR life. If they want to have sex, that’s fine. But, excluding rape, nobody is forcing you to have sex. Sex is merely a pleasurable means of reproduction. Yes, there are ways to prevent the reproductive part, but why engage in something willingly if you’re not willing to deal with the possible consequences? It’s the choice of the couple to do what they want with their body, and I’m fine with that. But if she gets pregnant, it’s not her body anymore, it’s her body AND the baby’s body. Call it a fetus, whatever, but it’s still a human life. How is anortion not wrong, when the second the baby comes out it’s a horrible crime to kill? Call it what you will, abortion is murdering a child. And the child hasn’t done anything but be conceived after YOU willingly had sex, knowing that babies come from sex.

        Basically, what I’m trying to say is I believe a lot of things are wrong. But as long as they only affect the person doing it, who cares, that is their choice. But abortion? It’s not only affecting the person doing it, it affects re child that never ha a chance to live, never had a chance to do anything. And Ashley, I’m taking a stand against abortion. Who cares about gays, that’s their choice, abortion is murder.

    • Knicky

      When it’s an emergency abortion you don’t KNOW the sex of the child…you can’t even tell what sex a baby is until your, like, three or more months pregnant and by that time it is ILLEGAL to get an abortion and no abortion center will touch you….once again its people like you that spread misinformation!!! Usually when you have an abortion the fetus is still unidentifiable as fe/male so the “more girls than boys” is skewed information as well. And Planned Parenthood doesn’t get any money from abortion clinics, they simply provide as much information as possible to make an informed decision. And I for one believe that girls have the right to decide, especially in the case of rape. It just REALLY angers me to hear about girls that are forced to carry their fathers/brothers/uncles babies just because their RELIGION tells them its wrong not to.

  • CBeth

    I have to disagree. While it’s true that you will not receive the same type of services from a Planned Parenthood as you would from a Crisis Pregnancy Centers I think they both play a very important role. I think PP is great for STD testing, birth control access, pregnancy testing, health screening, and information about pregnancy termination – so if that is the kind of center you are looking for they are a great option. And I can only speak for myself, but when I found out I was pregnant at 15 I looked for Crisis Pregnancy Centers because I was not interested in aborting (though I am pro-choice) and I wanted that fellowship/support. Something that our Crisis Pregnancy Center provides that PP doesn’t included Childbirth Classes, Parenting Classes, Birth Mom Support Group, Post-Abortion Support Group, and Teen Mom Support Groups. I grew very close to the woman who worked at the center – which is not an experience I would have had getting a pregnancy test and consultation at PP.

    I agree with centers posting the sign post a sign within their offices saying that they “do not provide or make referrals for abortion or comprehensive birth control services” because: a) it’s true, and they know it’s true, and b) they offer a lot MORE to a woman/gurl who is not choosing termination. I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other (PP vs PCC)… it’s all about what you are looking for <3

  • Michelle

    Although not all Crisis Pregnancy centres are perfect, there are a few great ones and some terrible ones that stand out in my mind. e.g.: Planned Parenthood gives out FALSE information, has unfriendly and judgy staff members and overall push abortions on girls who want information from both sides of the spectrum; pro life & pro choice. Whereas the Shifra Home gives information, a place to stay for women who have been kicked out of their home life as well as supports them with maternity clothing, baby needs and other necessities.

    I dont personally believe in abortion – if you are responsible enough to be sexually active you need to take every and all precautions not to get pregnant – as well if your birth control / condom fails you, take responsibility for your actions.

  • Nia

    This sucks on so many levels. I am a Christian, and although abortion goes against my beliefs, I think it is totally wrong for these centers to give out falsw enformation to purposely make it so that a girl won’t have enough time to get an abortion. They definitely should have to change what they call these centers and make their religious affiliation known. I know the people running these centers may think they are doing what’s right, but God gave us a mind and the ability to choose what path to follow. Its not okay to force people to follow our beliefs through lies and deception.

    • Lola

      Amen gurrrl!

    • Cherri

      Not to mention these people are lying and deceiving, which is against what is in The Bible as well….
      There’s no excuse to do things like that, I don’t believe that abortion is right either, but nor is lying.