The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Back To School Shopping

Back to school shopping is fun, but who wants to drop a pretty penny on school supplies when there is plenty of ice cream to eat, movies to see, and new gadgets to save up for? Don’t empty out that piggy bank just yet, Lazy Girl. We’ve got 10 easy tips that will get you out of the department store and back to school without moving an inch or dropping a dime.

Art Supplies

Get Creative. You’ve got lipstick and nail polish, right? Then you’ve got crayons and paint! You’re art teacher will be so pleased you’re thinking outside of the box.

Save The Trees

Your leftover lunch napkins make a perfectly good notepad.

The Infamous P.E.

Who wants to carry around gym clothes all day? Turn your outfit inside out. Get dirty out on the field and when you’re done you’ll be spotless—on the outside.

Your Homecoming Makeover

Instead of new clothes wear your old junior high school uniform every day. Tell your friends you’re going for that vintage Britney Spears look.

Why Buy When You Can Reuse?

Instead of buying a new notebook, pull out your old diary or composition book and use the backs of those pages.

Writing Tools

Don’t waste your time with pens, Lazy Girl. Pull that eyeliner pencil out of your bag and get to writing with that.

Compute This!

Need a calculator? Use your mom’s tired old flip phone—that’s basically all it’s good for now anyway.

Get Your Graph On

Your math teacher wants you to buy graph paper? For what? Steal your dad’s checkered oxford. It’s basically graph paper made of cotton. Plus it’s eco-friendly. Rinse and reuse.

Keep It Edgy

Get hipster chic and a rock a hobo bag. Grab a branch and tie a scarf around the end. Irony is the new black.

Those Text Books Keep Getting Bigger

Who needs a backpack when you’ve got plenty of grocery shopping bags left over?

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  1. avatar chinycseoul3 says:

    Is this… for real?? GHETTOOOOOO~~~~

  2. avatar Daisy says:

    Oh, gurl. Comedy really isn’t your strong point, is it?

  3. avatar Reign says:

    da fuq did i just read

  4. avatar Tymia says:

    This list was madd poor and rachet!!!!!Really,wear your old uniform!?That is too sad….Grocery bags as your back pack -________-……..gotta be kiddin’ me right.This whole list will make people call you poor,a bum,or rachet.Honestly,you should just buy new stuff.Things cost like 1dollar or more at staples and target…..

  5. avatar Spencer says:

    I wish that gurl wouldn’t try to make funny lists. I kinda wanted the real thing.

  6. avatar Brittney Jase says:

    That’s the point , lol . . . (:

  7. avatar roselove445 says:

    sorry but i think the thing with the make up would just end up costing you more in make up than you would spend in real suplies

  8. avatar PeaceLuvPugz says:

    I really wish gurl would do REAL lists and not ones that try to be funny.

  9. avatar Flob says:

    The *ghetto girl’s guide to school shopping

  10. avatar summer says:

    this list is ratchet.LOL

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