10 Life Lessons We Learned From The Hunger Games

hunger games

J-Hutch, J-Law, and Liam taught us a bunch in The Hunger Games. | Source

The Hunger Games is coming out on DVD this weekend, and we’re so excited! We don’t just love The Hunger Games movie and book for their pure entertainment (or their eye candy!), though. We love Katniss’ kickass attitude and how many wise lessons are in both the book and the movie. Here are our 10 favorite life lessons that we learned from The Hunger Games. Now excuse us as we line up for the DVD release.

1. Family comes first. Katniss takes her sister Primrose’s place in The Hunger Games to keep her safe. That’s what we call loyalty.

2. Trust what you’re good at. Katniss is a skilled archer and doesn’t doubt her abilities–and even in her brief, fleeting moments, she has Gale encouraging her. She can’t doubt herself, otherwise she won’t be able to perform. Even if you’re not totally confident, fake it til you make it!

3. Trust your feelings. Just because Peeta loves Katniss doesn’t mean she automatically has to love Peeta back. If you’re unsure, don’t throw your heart to a guy just because he seems into you. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time to find out how you really feel before moving forward.

4. Fight for what is right! Katniss knows the games are screwed up, and she does everything she can to expose them for what they are. If you see something messed up, be it a classmate being bullied or an unfair grade, stand up for what’s right. You’ll regret not speaking up.

5. Smile! Katniss knew she’d need help from sponsors and wouldn’t have gotten it if she was surly during interviews. She took good advice and made it work in her favor. Being likable pays! Send thank you notes, ask people how they’re doing. You’ll attract more bees with honey…

6. Life is about way more important things than boys and crushes. In Katniss’ case, it was about survival and exposing a corrupt government. Though your stakes may not be quite as high, your goals, your friendships, your family, and your happiness should trump your love life. After all, guys come and go! Granted, most of these guys aren’t as cute as Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, but still.

7. Politics matter. Who’s running your country affects how you live your life! President Snow is the super villain in this series! Be sure to pay attention to the news, and if you’re 18 and up, be sure to vote! Especially if you’re not too skilled with a bow and arrow.

8. Know your enemy and keep a keen eye on your competition. Haymitch may have been a drunk, but he was smart in offering this advice to Katniss. If you see where your competition are weakest, you can build on that yourself to knock them out of the running, whether if it’s on the soccer field or debate team.

hunger games

Katniss wasn’t afraid to speak up for what’s right in The Hunger Games. | Source: WENN

9. A man who feeds you probably loves you. Peeta gave Katniss and her family bread when they were starving. A guy who cares about you will stand by you and help you anyway he can.

10. Your past doesn’t have to determine your future. Though Katniss and her family had a lot of struggles and loss, she came out on top. Just because you may not have the best background, you can still overcome your obstacles and use them to motivate you to rise above it.

What’s your favorite life lesson from The Hunger Games? Are you excited for the DVD release of The Hunger Games? What other lessons did The Hunger Games teach you? Tell us in the comments!

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  • IsaBt

    Since I read it, I dream Im Katniss every night.

  • Valerie

    I love Katniss. After reading the hunger games I’ve become more mature about things , family means more now. I’ve gotten courage to excel in my orchestra class even though I sometimes feel like a loser at last chair I’m the best Cellist in the orchestra now. Katniss trusts her instinct which I’ve been hesitant to do , it’s still hard sometimes but when I feel like I’m doing something wrong standing up for what I believe I think of Katniss a girl who over threw power and rebelled against a government so corrupt they kill their own children. Kind of how high school is , except the government are the popular kids. I no longer let people use me as a doormat to their success instead I’m taking a whole new lead on life. And it’s funny how one fictional character can give you the power to overcome your shy and timid personality so you can aspire to become the best you can be. 🙂