Happy Anal Sex Month!

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Baby got back door action! August is Anal Sex Month, girls! (You learn something new everyday.)
Anal sex is quickly becoming less of a taboo, and more and more women and girls are admitting to doing it through the back door–the latest surveys show that roughly 46 percent of females reported having tried anal sex at least once, with 1 in 5 girls ages 18 to 19 confessing to it, too. Like most kinds of sex, both partners can orgasm from anal sex. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Not so fast. What you do with your butt is your business (and your partner’s!), but it’s super duper important to be safe if and when you do engage in anal sex, otherwise not only will it hurt like Hell, but you also put yourself at a big risk for STDs.

Anal sex is intense and can be painful if you’re not careful, so it’s not anything a guy should just spring on you or assume you’re into. It requires slowness, lots of water-based lube (an oil-based one can ruin a condom), and a ton of communication with your partner, because your rear gear isn’t designed to stretch like your vagina is. This means that if you’re not careful, anal sex can result in small tears in your rectum.

These same tears are why a condom is absolutely non-negotiable for anal sex, no ifs, ands, or buts (or butts) about it. Without one, a guy’s semen–and any STDs within it–can make you super sick. Also, if you go from anal sex to vaginal sex or vice versa, you need to change condoms–for the same reason you’re supposed to wipe from front to back and not back to front.

Most importantly, anal sex is a super intimate and unique experience for everyone who tries it, so make sure you’re with someone you really, really trust. If a guy acts like an ass, it’s a surefire sign he shouldn’t go anywhere near yours.

Have you ever tried anal sex? Would you ever try anal sex? Has a guy ever pressured you into having anal sex? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatar luv2duv says:

    I think it might be good because you can’t get pregnant that way.

    • avatar OWC says:

      Right on. It may be, I’m not saying or trying to imply must be or is, possible that as evolution goes, having an impenetrable barrier between the “excretory” passageway & the reproductive tract (rather an a cojoined function, such as a cloacoa) may have contribued to the evolution of a species that could control reproduction … in short, have a “natual” pathway of birth control some might call un-natural. When a couple wanted to have sex but no babies, this was clearly an option (as in back door — no fertilization & a front door — “Do what you like with my back but leave the front alone” — fertilization & a distinct chance of reproduction). When they WANTED offspring, there was one thing; having sex was another! Whoopie!!! Two distinct pasageways to pleasure & gratification … babies only when wanted!!!

  2. avatar Amy says:

    I’ve been into anal sex since my sophomore year in highschool. I don’t see what the big deal is for some people who hate it so much? It is no different than how some people like different kinds of sex, others not so much. Something I have found is that if the guy is larger than average, and can last a long time, it gives me the most intense orgasms, often without clitoral stimulation. I realize the size issue flies in the face of what you would think, but that is the conclusion I’ve come to. Size DOES make a difference, and bigger is better for anal. Maybe it’s a challenge thing for me?

    • avatar OWC says:

      No, Imogene, size doesn’t matter (also circumcision) is something of a fantasy originated to console & make life easier for men endowed with smaller members & all their nerve endings not quite so receptive, functional or “intact” to say the least — wham, bam off with the best part & no protective convering/foreskin — sorry, Charlie. SIZE (& keeping things the way Mother Nature created them & meant them to be — no circumcision, “a naturel )– REALLY DOES (obviously) MATTER & DOES MATTER very much indeed. .. front door or back door. Ask anybody who is in a position to know, male or female.

      • avatar OWC says:

        P.S. According to a doctor (deceased some years now but who certainly knew anatomy & humanity) who was a close friend & confidant to me, “It’s not the pen, it’s the penmanship” of sex was something inventedby those (either on the giving or the receiving “end” of things) with poor pens.

  3. avatar SMOOTH says:

    Anal is an amazing experience for both,
    when done right, you can’t use the spit and
    shove technique, use a water based lubricant
    and massage the sphincter muscle until it
    is relaxed, slowly inserting, finger, toy
    or cock (DO NOT PUSH IN), remove slowly
    then slowly repeat process until it slides in
    comfortably, communicate during this entire process
    making sure she or he is comfortable, yes guys
    let your woman penetrate you just as you want
    to penetrate her ass!
    Once you’re in and the comfort zone has turned into
    Pleasure you should slowly be able to go faster.
    And don’t knock anal licking until you have tried it, amazing!

  4. avatar probablytoolate says:

    Hey! Heterosexual anal sex article! Any advice for *girls* on how to penetrate the *guy*? There are at least two anuses involved here. Anything about the prostate? No?

    • avatar OWC says:

      As far as the prostate goes, yes indeedit’s very, very receptive to touching & loving playful enjoyment.

  5. avatar Crissi says:

    One thing this article left out, is that if you are interested in anal intercourse it’s often best to start with a toy or something that is smaller than his penis and work your way up to him. My boyfriend and I tried it penis first and it was just too much. I was beginning to think it was never going to work but then I got the advice to start with a small toy or two and than try again with him. A couple of tries later and all was well. It is definitely something you can only do with a partner you trust and who is interested in your comfort and pleasure at least as much as, if not more, than his. And if you are not comfortable with the idea, than DON’T DO IT. Any guy who pressures you into doing something you arent ok with probably isn’t someone you should be getting that intimate with anyway.

    • avatar CSL says:

      Very great answer—–responsible, without being prudish. Kudos, GF…….

      Just to reiterate: Any one forcing you to try anal sex? Get out of the situation NOW!

    • avatar OWC says:

      As indicated, start out with enemas — using the female douche tip to the geatest depth, penetration & most of akl VOLUME patience, affection & a few rest breaks & massages (& repeated treatments — & indeed it can be a treat if done properly) as you can provide/receive.

  6. avatar Uhno says:

    If a guy ever pressures me into anal I’m going to assume he’s gay. Seriously, why would you choose a dirty, hole that continuously excretes when you could choose a pink fluffy lubricated goddess. Me and my boyfriend agree, if you wouldn’t want to lick an asshole, why would you stick your precious penis in it? Gross.

    • avatar Crissi says:

      If you aren’t into anal sex, that is your own prerogative and obviously something you shouldn’t have to change for anyone. However, just because a guy likes something you don’t doesn’t mean you get to make assumptions about his sexual orientation. Liking anal sex does not automatically make you gay. It is just a different experience and feeling that some people enjoy and others don’t. You wouldn’t appreciate people making judgments about you because of your sexual preferences, so why do you think it’s okay to judge someone else for theirs?

    • avatar sarah says:

      Your logic is flawless. If a straight man likes heterosexual anal he is gay in your opinion? So if your boyfriend likes you giving him oral he is gay is well, isn´t he? Also, if your anus really excretes “continuously” go see a doctor.

  7. avatar Esha says:

    My Boyfriend And I Tried Anal . It Hurted Like Hell But I Acted Like I Liked It Because i Knew It Felt Good To Him, But I Told Him Never ever To Do That Again. My Butt Whole Felt Like It Was Wide Open For About 3 Days LBVVVVVS

  8. avatar HcFriend says:

    Anal is not all that bad iv only done it twice and i loved it each time but my boyfriend waits months inbetween secions so its always hard to get it started back up

  9. avatar Kissmelikeyoumissme says:

    I’ve tried anal on multiple occasions. It’s not bad at all once you get the hang of it. The first time I tried it was both the first time for me and my partner. He basically shoved it up there and I literally fell over. Lmao. Slow and carefully. Slow and carefully. Remember that

  10. avatar Hannah says:

    Oh gosh i didnt know you were supposed to wipe back to front!!

    • avatar Stephie says:

      you’re not supposed to, you’re supposed to wipe from front to back and NOT back to front.

  11. avatar Missy says:

    eeep that sounds like it’ll hurt… a lot! >.< i don't think i'll be ready to try that ANY time soon

  12. avatar BleedingSun says:

    My first boyfriend was BIG itno anal sex. I told him NO a million times and he would still push and push for ir. never shutting up about it. It was a big part of why we didnt work out.
    When I say NO I mean NO. Having anything up my butt sounds like a terrible expirance to me. Thanks but I got enough issues with it hurting when I use the hole thats, you know, MEANT FOR THAT.

  13. avatar Katie says:

    My boyfriend and I have anal sex a lot. I highly suggest you try it atleast twice, 8 times out of 10 it will hurt the 1st time.

  14. avatar anonymous says:

    Well, hey I guess I do learn something new everyday hahaha I didn’t know it’s anal month!

    I just don’t know if I could ever have anal sex….maybe try it…..but that’s kind of nasty if you ask me. I don’t see why everyone’s into it! Plus, the rectum isn’t even designed for intercourse, It’s for pooping! LOL also I can’t imagine the pain going through that…ouch!

    • avatar kissmeimgone says:

      Actually they a lot of guys get off on anal stimulation. It does hurt the first time but it takes practice and communication is definitely key. You can’t just ram it in lol. I thoroughly enjoy anal with my fiancé. Til you try it, you won’t know if you don’t like it. I thought I’d hate it but decided to try it at least twice. And sure enough.. I liked it.

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