I Can’t Believe He Said That

One night when I was out with my friends, I met a guy who seemed really awesome. He was cute, funny, had a good job and the best part… he was a volunteer firefighter. The night I met him, he also had a broken arm in a cast and sling.

Making conversation, I asked him how he broke his arm. He sighed and told me it was kind of a long story. Obviously, I was immediately intrigued and begged to know the details. He said:

“The truth? I saved a baby in a fire.”

My first thought was, “what a total liar.” Skeptical, I told him I didn’t believe him. He then went into a whole detailed story about saving a newborn baby from the second floor of a burning house. I still wasn’t convinced – so he brought me over to his group of friends and said, “Guys, didn’t I break my arm saving a baby in a fire?” They all nodded solemnly.

“He’s a hero,” one of his friends said seriously.

After all of that, I started believing him. After all, he was a firefighter. It was totally possible, no matter how far-fetched it seemed! So, I gave Mr. Hero my phone number, and a few days later, we made plans to go on a date.

All week leading up to our date, I bragged to everyone I knew about the baby-saving firefighter I was going to go out with. A few of my friends rolled their eyes and said, “Jessica, there’s no way he saved a baby. He’s lying to you!” But I ignored them and completely defended him.

Our first date, we talked about it for a little bit, and at the end of the night, I was convinced I had just met the mortal equivalent of Jesus. I mean, guys… he saved a freakin’  baby. It doesn’t get much better than that.

But our second date, the truth came out. For probably the millionth time since we’d met, I stared at his broken arm and then said, “I can’t believe you saved a baby!” He smiled and said, “Jessica, I didn’t save a baby.”

So what really happened? He fell off a quad. A quad! There is absolutely no heroic detail to that story whatsoever. He told me he made up the whole story because the truth was boring and he was “trying to impress” me. Um, sorry dude… your lame lie definitely did the opposite.

Has a guy ever lied to you to impress you? Have you ever been fooled about a dude you just started dating? Was I silly for believing him in the first place? Tell me in the comments!


You’ll never believe how this guy was going to dump his GF!

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  • tntangel 360

    yea will this guy i hav been dating for like 4 months an i thought we were pretty serious and could have settle down but after a while i realised that almost everything he told me were lies ..eg ..he went australia to play cricket …his dog (that he never owned) died ……..he have a bank account…. wtf i dont knw what to do now cuz i had liked him alot sighz an i think he had like me as well ….but that is too many lies …an there are more…..please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alice Chrisofferson

    So i was hanging with my buds and this guy was stareing at me the whole time. So i decided to talk to him. I introduced my self and he as well he seemed awesome. He started to tell me about himself he said he was a officer right out of the academy he kept saying he saved many people so far. He said he got out of the academy 1 month ago he told me his stories and flirted with me till i finally gave him my number. I told him that we should meet up tommrow night again here he agreed to meet up. Well big mistake , So we were talking up a storm and he got drunk I too but not as bad as him. That when the truth came out he said over and over he wasn’t a cop at all he was a clerk at a conveince store andthe worst part he lived with his mom ughhh. Thats when I got up from the table and left. He called the next day and apologized left ,right, and center. He begged me to meet him again to explain all so I agreed and he explained all. He said I thought if i lied i get you. I told him be yourself cause I’m starting to like that guy. Now we live in a small apartment and love each other deeply.

  • StoryToTell

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    • Jessica Booth

      You send it to staff@gurl.com – let us know in the email that it’s for this!

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  • caniloveu

    omg guys >:/

  • Anon

    It didn’t seem like you gave him much chance. Sounded like you were trying to go out with him only for that reason.

    • Robyn

      I agree completely

      • annonymus

        i agree to, if u got rid of him because he told a tall tale that you believed, and you were that happy to brag about him saving a baby, i don’t think you really liked him in the first place. if a guy had done that to me, i would have been touched,espicially cos he told you the truth so quickly and explained why he lied