20 Crazy Cute School Supplies From Under $10

Summer is coming to an end and though it kind of sucks that school is going to start soon, wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared? With cute stuff to boot? Yep. I don’t know about you but I loved back to school shopping. Fresh notebooks, pens . . . the smell of a highlighter–ah, the memories. There’s just so much cute stuff to choose from! We narrowed our back to school wishlist to 20 items under 10 bucks. You can snag them online or hop on down to the mall for most of these crazy cute school supplies. Trust us, Hello Kitty is involved.

Lisa Frank Notebooks $2

Totally cute and funky. Purchase from Lisa Frank

Lollipop Binder $5.19

Simple, adorable, and sweet. Purchase from Amazon.com

Badtz by Sanrio $4.95

We love some of Hello Kitty's edgier friends. Purchase from Sanrio

Justin Bieber Academic Calendar $6.80

Plan your future with the Biebz. Purchase from Forever 21

Hello Kitty Travel Mug $9.80

If you're like me and you ALWAYS need your morning coffee. Purchase from Forever 21

Kate Spade iPhone Case $7.99

Tweet, text and Facebook stalk in style. Purchase from Amazon.com

Berry Buds $4.80

Rock the neon trend while you're rocking out with these funky ear buds. Purchase from Forever 21

Hello Kitty Pen $8.95

It's just too cute to not have. Purchase from Sanrio

Bic Brite Liners $1.74

These always come in handy before a big exam. Purchase from Walmart

Caboodlez Pencils 10 Pack $3.00

We love the funky prints! Purchase from Staples

Lisa Frank Plush Pencil Case $5.00

A stuffed animal that you can put stuff in? Yes, please. Purchase from Lisa Frank

Aluminum Hello Kitty Waterbottle $9.50

Stay hydrated in style. Purchase from Sanrio

Locker Mirror $7.80

Who has time to go to the bathroom? Purchase From Amazon.com

Locker Pen/Pencil Holder $6.22

Magnetic and pretty cute. Purchase from Amazon.com

1D Binder $8.74

Just a friendly reminder that Harry Styles is watching you. Purchase from Amazon.com

Clear Backpack $8.88

For the exhibitionists. Purchase from Walmart

Tinkerbell Backpack $9.88

Who wouldn't want to walk around with Tink on their back? Purchase from Walmart

Purple Checkered Backpack $9.59

It gets the job done. Purchase from Walmart

Neon Tote Bag $9.89

I wasn't super into backpacks myself. I LOVED totes. They carried a ton, were super cute, and I could pin on badges from my fave bands. Purchase from Amazon.com

1D Tote Bag $6.99

Show everyone where your fandom lies. Purchase from Amazon.com

What school supplies are on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments!

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  • MiaDaBoss

    Ehh they iight

  • Hannah

    I like the iPhone case, one direction binder & bag, and the hello kitty notebook. Everything else is really ugly 😛

  • Alyssa

    These are the ugliest effing supplies I’ve ever seen.

  • Nicole

    I dunno, I don’t think an iPhone case and earbuds are really school supplies….